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Five strategies for simplifying your IT modernization

While the world outside grows more connected and complex, the job of managing the modern data center is fast becoming simpler and more streamlined. Here’s a look at five strategies that are driving the transformation to simplicity.

by Raphael Meyerowitz, Vice President, Office of the CTO, Friday, 6 Apr 2018
Five strategies for simplifying your IT modernization
Five strategies for simplifying your IT modernization

Simplifying the job of IT
A customer recently came to us with a familiar lament: their IT staff was spending as much as 60 percent of each day managing their data center environment, leaving little time to attend to other pressing duties. Presidio went to work on a solution to eliminate complexity and ease the job of management. Now, that same customer dedicates just 5 percent of the workday to management tasks, and enjoys enhanced data center performance, to boot.

The takeaway is: done right, moving beyond your legacy environment can actually simplify the job of IT and make your life easier, helping you save time, lower costs, and accomplish more. It’s the essence of Presidio’s approach to digital transformation. By modernizing and future-proofing your IT, you can dramatically minimize the hours spent managing infrastructure, freeing you to focus on your true mission: taking care of business and staying competitive.

The ultimate goal of data center modernization can be summed up in a single word: simplify. Presidio helps ease IT operations by recommending streamlined technology solutions that can be deployed either on- or off-premises. Consider these five characteristics of a simpler, modern data center and how they eliminate complexity in any operation.

#1: Software-defined infrastructure (SDI) – SDI is actually an amalgam of integrated technologies that include software-defined networking, software-defined storage, and network function virtualization. Whereas aging infrastructures are costly to scale and slow to deploy new services, the time required for SDI to provision IT services, automated by orchestration software, can be slashed from weeks to minutes. SDI-based data centers are self-aware, self-optimizing, self-scaling and self-healing, helping you conserve IT time and resources. In other words, the system does the work so you don’t have to.

#2: Hyper-convergence – Another step on the path to simplification is to consolidate multiple data center functions into hyper-converged systems that incorporate compute, storage and memory, all in a single device. Hyper-convergence is a flexible solution that helps customers dramatically increase data center efficiencies and significantly reduce total cost of ownership. Suppose that an organization has extra-heavy storage requirements – in a hyper-converged system, it’s relatively easy to customize that device with additional storage nodes.

#3: The right processing power – Your move to hyper-convergence calls for a processor platform that’s workload-optimized to support high-demand applications, with hardware-based security to protect data in flight and at rest. For example, the new Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor is designed for data center modernization and more efficient operation, helping lower total cost of ownership (TCO) while increasing user productivity. With up to 28 cores, the Intel Xeon Scalable processor was developed for intensive workloads across compute, storage and network usages.

#4: A new class of storage performance – Intel has introduced a family of specialized solid-state drives for the data center that combine the attributes of memory and storage with low latency, high endurance and high throughput. Intel® Optane™ SSDs provide a new data tier to accelerate applications for dramatically faster caching and storage. Expanded memory pools increase scale per server and reduce transaction cost.

#5: Hybrid cloud – By deploying a strategic combination of on-premises private cloud and public cloud services, organizations are well on their way to a comprehensive, flexible and cost-effective solution for modernizing the data center. With a hybrid cloud strategy, IT can deploy workloads and optimize resources in whatever ways make the most sense. A hybrid cloud delivers greater flexibility and security, as well as increased agility to make changes and introduce new services as needed.

Presidio can help keep IT simple
Presidio offers a logical approach to implementing any or all of these data center modernization solutions. Our goal is to eliminate complexity as we help overburdened IT departments to:

  • Conserve and maximize professional staff resources.
  • Realize measurable performance gains.
  • Reduce capital expenses and operational expenses.
  • Shrink their data center footprint.

It all boils down to the ultimate benefit you’ve been looking for: a smarter, simpler IT infrastructure that frees you to get back to business.

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