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11 May: EMR YARN Node Labels — For effective driver and executor placement

Our experts are thinkers AND doers focused on accelerating business outcomes. To showcase our deep expertise, we created a blog series called “The Digital Build. Node label is a way to group nodes with similar characteristics and spark jobs can be specified where to run. With node labeling, we can achieve partition on the cluster, and by default, nodes belong to the DEFAULT partition.

TheDigitalBuild_Custom CloudFormation in AWS

17 Mar: Custom CloudFormation in AWS

CloudFormation is one of the important services in AWS, as it helps us to maintain Infrastructure as a Code (IAAC). Still, there are some services that are not supported by CloudFormation, for example, ‘Cloud Search’ is a service which do not support CloudFormation natively, and to have CloudFormation for these kinds of services we can adopt the Custom CloudFormation approach