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Red Hat & VMWare

Red Hat & VMWare

Flexibility to Meet Increasing Demands

If Presidio + Red Hat = application modernization strategists,
Then Presidio + Red Hat + AWS = modernization’s perfect match.

Today’s organizations will not be able to achieve the speed and flexibility they need unless they modernize their applications. Along with partners like Red Hat and VMware, Presidio & AWS help you accelerate new product development, optimize processes, and adopt innovative cloud technology to increase business success.

Presidio Cloud Solutions accelerate the adoption of Red Hat on AWS, while Red Hat and AWS give you tools and technologies to adapt to market demands, helping you optimize your processes, integrate innovative container and cloud technologies, and deliver impressive outcomes.

Red Hat solutions on AWS deliver the ability to run enterprise traditional on-premise applications, such as SAP, Oracle databases and custom applications in the cloud. They provide a complete, enterprise-class computing environment, where you can benefit from the familiar interface and consistent environment of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and the simplicity and scalability of AWS.

Make it easier with VMware Cloud on Presidio & AWS

With VMware Cloud (VMC) on AWS, organizations that are already familiar with VMC can move easily to and from the cloud without having to refresh their knowledge by learning new infrastructures. And, they can shift elements around from within their existing environment, with capacity to scale as needed.

In addition, because it’s actually a VMware environment, you can leverage economies of scale from AWS without needing to become an AWS expert as well. And with VMC on AWS, a new server capacity can be spun up in as little as 15 minutes. Compare that to the six to eight weeks it takes in today’s environment to deploy—requisition, specify, acquire, provision, and bring online—a conventional server.

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