Suraj Solanki

Chaos Experiments with EKS Pt. 1

20 Apr: Chaos Experiments with EKS Pt. 1

Our experts are thinkers AND doers focused on accelerating business outcomes. To showcase our deep expertise, we created a blog series called “The Digital Build.” In today’s world, software advancements often come with high risks, regardless of improvements in security, high availability, visibility, and robust infrastructure. Every modern technology that aims to ease the ever-increasing demands of IT operation teams also brings new challenges with it.

AWS Control Tower Blog - The Digital Build

11 Jan: AWS Control Tower & Customization for Terraform

Much has been said and written about the cloud and the benefits it offers. However, with all these benefits, there are challenges with respect to faster cloud adoption, compliance, and security of the overall environment. Every organization that wants to migrate or implement workloads in the cloud has different needs and priorities, which means there’s no one way for adopting cloud best practices. However, a well-designed and documented execution of the AWS Control Tower is one of the recommended approaches.