Raj Revuru

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20 Jan: ThousandEyes Equals Opportunity for Cisco Partners

To put it simply, there is a tremendous opportunity for Cisco partners to make money leveraging ThousandEyes. It’s no secret that your customers’ success depends on the digital experiences they provide to their customers and employees. Delivering suboptimal application user experiences can damage the reputation of a business and reduce its top-line revenue. And if your customers are not using ThousandEyes, they may have Internet blind spots that put them at risk of delivering degraded digital experiences.

Observability Blog

24 Sep: Making a Case for Observability

Imagine the following scenario for an online retailer: During a holiday weekend, the retailer sees a dramatic spike in site visitors after heavily promoting a sales event. On Tuesday morning, the sales and marketing teams meet to review the results. To everyone’s surprise, the spike in traffic resulted in very few sales. Interestingly, the report shows that many site visitors were deep into the sales process before abandoning their carts. For the rest of the week, the staff proposes several theories regarding why visitors didn’t complete their purchases.