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21 Sep: The Kaseya VSA Breach: Is Anyone Safe?

Earlier this month, Russian-linked cybercriminal organization, REvil, launched the single biggest global ransomware attack on record. The breach infected thousands of victims in more than 17 countries and demanded $70 million in cryptocurrency to unscramble all the infected machines. What made this breach especially noteworthy was the specific conduit the criminals used to gain access to the victims: Kaseya VSA (virtual systems/server administrator), a remote monitoring and management (RMM) solution. RMM solutions are commonly used by managed services providers (MSPs) and managed security services providers (MSSPs) alike. What makes them particularly attractive to cybercriminals is that each MSP/MSSP breach has an enormous trickle-down effect. For example, CBS News reported that Swedish grocery chain Coop had to close most of its 800 stores for multiple days because the attack crippled their cash register software supplier. Thus, not only do these “one-to-many” attacks lead to more victims in a shorter period, but they also lead to bigger payoffs for the attackers.

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07 Sep: Part 4: The Right Team for your Cybersecurity and the Pinewood Derby

Sportsmanship and collaboration are the key to success – whether it’s a sports team, colleagues on a project, or winning the Pinewood Derby. Because people are at the center of the data, threats and attacks, and the protection against those, leading security solutions companys such as Proofpoint takes a people-centric approach to cybersecurity. Here at Presidio, our philosophy is also centered around our team of technical experts and  getting the RIGHT people in the RIGHT roles to deliver impactful business outcomes for you.

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02 Sep: Effectiveness of Cybersecurity and Weights

Security is like weight; it can be more effective if you put it in the right places. In a Pinewood Derby you can set a weight anywhere on your car, but it will affect your speed depending on where put the weight.  In your technology organization, by having visibility into Shadow IT, cloud risk assessment, and a true footprint of your applications, you can identify and put the right amount of security in the right places to secure and accelerate your business. Visibility in real-time is key when it comes to cloud security. With so many apps, services and other endpoints moving to the cloud, it can be challenging to have a 360 view of everything that is going on. To respond to threats as they come up, you need to ensure you have a bird’s eye view of your entire cloud ecosystem.

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20 Aug: Foundational Design of the Security Stack and the Pinewood Car Body

At the core of your Pinewood Derby car is obviously the wooden body. What might not be as obvious is what should be at the core of your Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). The answer? Identity, or Identity Access Management (IAM) as the foundation in which to build the rest of your ZTNA. IAM is the core of ZTNA because it is the first step in granting entry. Much like showing your ID to enter a bar or board a plane, you are presenting verification that you are allowed to enter. Furthermore, It answers the question “Who has access to your most valuable asset – your data?” Most cyber-attacks take advantage of misused credentials in some fashion.

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12 Aug: What the Pinewood Derby Can Teach You About Cybersecurity

Taking the spirit of a popular classic childhood event and transforming it into a day of competition and fun + relating this to cybersecurity? Challenge accepted. The Pinewood Derby, a rite of passage for kids in the Boy Scouts of America, is a wood car racing event. Traditionally, each Cub Scout receives a block of pinewood, plastic wheels and metal axles to create a crewless, unpowered miniature car. Although simple in concept, the art and skill come in crafting a car that reduces friction, has an aerodynamic design. The competition also takes into account all-around sportsmanship and collaboration. These concepts can also be applied in many ways including your cybersecurity posture.