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Winning with IoT. Begin small and tie it back to ROI.

McKinsey has estimated that IoT has a total potential economic impact of $3.9 trillion to $11.1 trillion a year by 2025. In the world of IoT, almost anything can be connected and Internet-enabled for data analytics that can in turn be used to generate revenue, improve services and customer experience. From manufacturing and cities to health and retail, IoT is changing the game.

by Shawn Rahn, Wednesday, 8 Mar 2017

IoT is a multi-phase and in many cases a multi-year journey. Our recommendation is to identify a small IoT project that solves a worthwhile problem, demonstrating that IoT can make a significant impact in your organization. Make sure it is measurable and can be tied back to ROI and a total cost of ownership that can help you build a broader use case. For example, Presidio helped the Huntsville TX Independent School District equip a fleet of school buses with smart WiFi, to connect the transportation staff with bus and student information. Successful completion of the project led to the solution being expanded to provide better  students on-board access to learning. Next, the buses’ on-board diagnostics were used to monitor and improve bus maintenance. Finally, student entry and exit was recorded on an app that notified parents in real-time of their child’s whereabouts.

As you grow your IoT implementation, you’ll also be dealing with organizational and cultural issues, so starting small and getting quick wins will position you for the success of the larger transformational journey.

Before you get started, it is helpful to understand the key components that anchor any successful IoT solution.

  1. Establish safety and security

    Physical and cyber security are fundamental to a successful IoT initiative. Video cameras and sensors can provide data that can be collected and analyzed, helping to monitor environments and track objects. Every device that is connected creates another endpoint vulnerability. Cyber risk management can be paired with IoT solutions design, ensuring that the system is continually monitored for security and  compliance.

  2. Find opportunities for efficiencies

    IoT technology improves operational efficiency, cost-effectively, saving time and money.  Data recorded from sensors attached to devices allows business to collect information on things like product usage, maintenance requirements, and even enhancements customers want. Vehicle and machine life can be extended. Health and medical care can be improved. Routes driven and manufacturing floors can be  optimized.

  3. Create a rich user experience

    An IoT initiative should result in tangible benefits to everyone involved. If you look at the school bus example above, ultimately, it was an IoT solution that delivered secure access to learning, student safety, and cost-efficient operations.  In fact, the entire point of IoT is data analytics that improve efficiency and provide a richer customer  experience.

Ready to Get Started?
If your organization is just getting started with IoT, begin with a relatively low-cost, high-impact solution that allows you to better connect with your customers or constituents. Ensure buy-in before you move up the ladder of ideas. Consider a readiness assessment to make sure you are equipped to deliver the project. It will help you establish your goals, recognize potential problems with security, assess optimal work flow, and identify opportunities for efficiency and an improved customer experience.

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