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Presidio’s Partner-focused Approach to Digital Transformation

The annual Presidio CIO Summit recently brought together 50 influential IT executives in an intimate setting to share their challenges and insights about the forces that are driving digital transformation. A key element for success: drawing on the knowledge of an experienced, trusted advisor.

by Mark Vaughn, Senior Director, Integrated Solutions, Presidio, Tuesday, 16 Jul 2019
Presidio’s Partner-focused Approach to Digital Transformation
Presidio’s Partner-focused Approach to Digital Transformation

The importance of nurturing strong trusted-advisor relationships

Digital transformation is a must-do for all modern businesses. But along their journey to that transformation, they’ll need the guidance of an experienced and trusted advisor – someone with a deep understanding of the technology, the ever-changing market dynamics, and evolving trends that drive change, articulating a clear vision for the future.

It’s especially important that your trusted advisor be focused on helping you achieve long-term, integrated solutions – not merely going for quick-fix product sales that ignore big-picture needs. Presidio is aware that every successful digital transformation begins with clear communication: encouraging businesses to express their goals and vision, as well as the technology challenges that stand in their way. It requires working with an advisor who truly listens, understands, and collaborates as a partner, as well as creating opportunities for information-sharing as a community.

Finding solutions at the Presidio CIO Summit

Being partner-focused – we call them partners, not “customers” – means Presidio is invested in nurturing long-term strategic solutions through ongoing high-level relationships. To strengthen our partner bonds, Presidio each year assembles their IT directors in a setting that encourages sharing, learning, and solution-finding.

The annual Presidio CIO Summit is an intimate gathering of senior executives from diverse industry backgrounds. Over three days, they learn emerging trends from industry thought leaders, build peer relationships, and engage 1-1 with Presidio executives and subject matter experts. 

Limited to just 50 invitees, the CIO Summit is dedicated exclusively to topics that matter to the IT executives who drive digital transformation within their business: technology vision, the next-generation data center, cloud strategies and use cases, cybersecurity, and more.

Greater insights from a smaller gathering

For Gary Gollenberg, IT Director of Concordia College, the Presidio CIO Summit is one of the most phenomenal events that someone in a CIO role can attend. “A lot of the value is connecting with your peers,” Gollenberg said. “In higher ed, when you can meet with your industry counterparts, you get so much out of that experience.”

Gollenberg believes that conference size truly matters: “You can go to an event with 400, 500 people and not get anything out of it. With 50 people or less, it feels like there’s so much more interaction with counterparts who can help you,” he noted. “Presidio’s CIO Summit gives you a snapshot, year to year, of what you need to be looking forward to, trying to adapt to, and work toward.”

The CIO Summit benefits more than just the participating partners, said Charles Giancarlo, CEO of Pure Storage – it makes life easier for his clients as well. “Our customers don’t want to focus on transition, they want to focus on the applications that make them happy,” Giancarlo said. “By working together with Presidio, we’re able to provide solutions that enable them to focus on their applications and strategy, and not necessarily the nitty-gritty details of implementing those strategies – things like data migration, data movement, application re-hosting and so forth. These are things presidio makes easy for them.”

Another CIO Summit attendee is Bill McCorey, SVP and Global CIO for Universal Parks and Resorts, a disruptive force in the theme park industry. For example, Universal’s “virtual line” has all but eliminated long, tiresome waits for popular rides. McCorey credits its ecosystem partners, including Presidio, with helping bring Universal’s latest disruptions to life. “The greatest thing about these events is really the networking,” he said. “Getting to spend time with your peers and find out what’s working, either in industry or in a completely different type of business.”

Aligning with ecosystem leaders

In addition to peer networking, the Presidio CIO Summit connects invitees with leading manufacturers in the global technology ecosystem, including Dell Technologies, VMware, Cisco and Pure Storage. Key among this elite group is Intel Corporation. Presidio’s technology solutions for digital transformation are based on Intel® architecture. And, we are a Platinum-status Intel® Technology Provider, Intel’s most prestigious reseller community, with priority support that directly benefits our customer partners.

Intel and Presidio team together to bring leading-edge solutions with long-term value. “Our mission and vision, our collective focus, it’s all tightly in sync,” said Jason Kimrey, Intel General Manager, US Channel Scale and Partners. “Presidio’s customers are our customers, too, and we all have a stake in guiding their digital transformation for continuing success with what’s next.”

Who’s your trusted advisor?

Digital transformation calls for deep technology experience, strategic vision, and enduring commitment – the attributes of a knowledgeable, trusted advisor. These skill sets, a partner-focused philosophy, and ecosystem support are what Presidio brings to every engagement. Our CIO Summit is just one way we connect and communicate with those who depend on our capabilities, from planning to implementation and ongoing support.

Be your own change agent through digital transformation: Presidio can help you look beyond just the technology to influence how to create new markets, impact revenue, and deliver new customer experiences. We’ll show you how – contact us.

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