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Collaboration Tools: Do they get used?

by Julia Ringsmuth, Adoption Success Manager, Presidio, Monday, 3 Jun 2019

Recently I happened to see a YouTube video titled “Best Relay Race Ever.” I know very little about racing and even less about relay racing, but what caught my eye was the relay hand-off. When the initial runner reached the person to whom they were to hand the baton, they did not stop running and toss the baton. Instead, the next runner started running while the initial runner ran alongside him/her and carefully handed over the baton. Only after assuring themselves the baton was safely in the hands of the next runner, did the initial runner slow his/her pace and fall back from the race. The race was won or lost, not just in the speed of the runners, but in the precision of that handoff.

When a company becomes aware of the need to update their collaboration technology, they do their research and invest the money it takes to get the product that will best help them meet their business objectives. Teams go to work designing and implementing the system only to have the go live day be a baton toss from down the track to the end user. The end user has little to no idea what to do next.

Too many companies overlook the fact that their employees have varying degrees of comfort levels with technology. Unfortunately, if they don’t feel comfortable with the equipment, then they just don’t use it. Many times, as I would be training the end user on their new products, they would voice their frustrations on the previous equipment they were using. I heard common complaints like, “I never learned how to transfer a call, so I never transferred calls,” or “I hate our current video conferencing system, I can’t get it to work for me, so I never use it,” etc. I couldn’t help but wonder if the company was aware of what little ROI they had on their existing systems.

Presidio’s Excite program has developed an adoption services approach that allows companies to seek key stakeholders input in designing and implementing the best processes for user onboarding. What were the business objectives that drove the company to purchase the collaboration technology in the first place and how can a training and marketing plan be put into place that would build excitement and buy in on the part of the end user?  We not only prepare the end user for adoption, but we also do scheduled follow ups to track the product usage.

With Presidio Excite Service Offering – Adoption Services, we take the guess work out of the success of collaboration implementation projects and work with our customers to make sure it is successful. We are invested in making sure our customers have the best ROI possible – creating a win-win for everyone.

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