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The Room Kit

Today is a long awaited and exciting day as Cisco announces their latest video endpoint – the Room Kit Mini!

by Josh Miller, Senior Solutions Architect, Presidio, Monday, 19 Nov 2018
The Room Kit
The Room Kit

As Presidio is one of Cisco’s largest partners, I’ve been fortunate enough to have several NDA discussions with my customers about the Room Kit Mini, and they have universally gone amazingly well with one exception.  The meeting would end with “when can I buy them?”, and we’ve had to inform them that the devices are shipping as early as January, but won’t be generally available until late January or early February.  This ends the meeting with a bit of a damper, but customers are excited nonetheless to see the new direction Cisco is taking.

You can see several blog posts focusing on the “Huddle Space” including one from Sri Srinivasan,  Amy Chang, and more - but they all essentially say one thing - “Small meeting rooms are taking over.”

While Cisco had the SX10 video endpoint in the past, this endpoint came out several years ago, and the technology reflects that.  It doesn’t support 4K, the camera is not wide angle enough for these new smaller rooms, and it doesn’t have the new intelligent framing technology of the latest generation endpoints.

The new Room Kit Mini changes all of that, and brings Cisco back to the center of the discussion for the Huddle space.  Furthermore, additional Cisco’s offerings help round out the Huddle space portfolio.  The offerings include:

  • The Webex Board 55 - The great all in one endpoint that does white boarding, wireless presentation, and conferencing
  • Webex Share - A device that you can use to add wireless screen sharing to any TV
  • Room Kit Mini - The new 4K huddle space conferencing endpoint – that works as an endpoint AND USB Camera

From my perspective, the Kit Mini - biggest feature is the ability to connect to it and use it as a USB camera on your laptop.  This means you can not only connect to Cisco Webex, but to any other conferencing application you have installed on your laptop - from Microsoft Skype/Teams, to Zoom, to BlueJeans — even Apple FaceTime!

The ability to use a video endpoint as a USB camera has long been asked for, but Cisco has always been reticent to blend an enterprise video endpoint with consumer conferencing applications.  This all changes now, and in the huddle space, you can walk in connect your laptop, and join your <fill in the blank> meeting, getting the fantastic video and audio experience that Cisco has always been known for!  Let’s hope this feature makes it upstream as well, so you can also join any meeting from Cisco’s larger award winning endpoints like the one announced in August - the Room Kit Pro!



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