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Splunk Adds Flexible New Capabilities

There’s more to Splunk’s analytics capabilities than you might know.

Splunk earned its reputation in the IT industry for premium software tools that enable customers to capture, index and correlate real-time data in a searchable repository.  But the company has extended its expertise into machine learning, predictive analytics, and other AI-related capabilities.
Friday, 19 Oct 2018
Splunk Adds Flexible New Capabilities
Splunk Adds Flexible New Capabilities

Splunk adds flexible new capabilities to its analytics toolkit

Recently, an associate from our technology partner Intel shared an instructive story from when he was an IT manager for a major retailer. It was the holiday season, the busiest shopping time of the year, and he was working day and night for two weeks performing root cause analysis to identify and resolve a cascading platform failure. The extended downtime ultimately cost the company millions in lost revenue.

When asked later by the division president what could have been done to identify the problem sooner, the IT manager replied: the whole problem could have been traced and fixed in under 30 minutes with Splunk analytics software; two months later, the retailer invested in its own Splunk Enterprise license.

Splunk – another Presidio technology partner – is widely lauded for its premium software tools to capture, index and correlate real-time data in a searchable repository. Splunk’s 13,000-plus customers worldwide can use data from multiple sources to generate reports and graphs, dashboards, alerts and other useful analytics resources.

What’s less well known is how Splunk’s core product has broadened in recent years to include strong AI analytics capabilities to serve diverse market segments. When it comes to machine learning and predictive analytics, Splunk is making a name for itself.

Splunk is much more than a log analysis tool

On a rapid growth trajectory, Splunk today offers greater flexibility by extending its capabilities into on-the-fly real-time analysis of such things as sales data, distribution metrics, anomaly detection, security and IT ops. The company is continuously improving its dashboarding to combine disparate data streams into one pane of glass, and integrating with other analysis software tools.

Splunk has developed a true interactive ability to model and analyze data by incorporating familiar drag-and-drop data field tools. Previously users were critical of having to manipulate data via its SPL language; now Splunk has made its tool much more user friendly.

To combat the perception of being a high-ticket technology, Splunk is changing up its consumption model by introducing cloud products and term licensing. Rather than pay for a perpetual license, customers can opt for a short-term license for a year or two at much lower cost.

Deriving the full benefits of analytics with the right technology stack

For customers looking to implement a Splunk solution, it’s important to consider your entire technology stack to gain the most value from your analytics investment. Real-time analysis calls for prodigious processing power, and the latest Intel® Xeon Scalable processors are up to the task – as long as the rest of your system elements are equally high-performing; otherwise the processor can be literally starved for data.

To speed data to the processor, today’s Intel® Optane™ SSDs combine the attributes of storage and memory for high throughput, low latency, high QoS and ultra-high performance. NVMe SSDs provide higher I/O throughput and speed to the CPU, enabling tiered storage that helps analytics software deliver answers faster. Those time savings add up, especially to the Googles and Twitters of the world – or if you’re a major retailer at Christmas time – where every minute of failure equals countless dollars lost.

Applying analytics cases in your own operation – Presidio can help

Presidio can help you implement a Splunk analytics solution that can help you derive actionable insights from the diverse data streams available to your own operations. But there’s more: Splunk can also assist in managing, troubleshooting and identifying vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure.

It all comes down to choosing premium software tools running on a high-performance hardware stack, deployed by an experienced, capable provider.

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