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The Hard Truth About the Cloud

The hard truth about the cloud is many organizations that can benefit from this technology don’t have the internal expertise to build, manage, and evolve a cloud solution on their own. This is because to fully optimize the cloud requires much more...

by Johan Milbrink, Senior Director, Presidio Managed Cloud Solutions, Tuesday, 19 Jan 2016

The hard truth about the cloud is many organizations that can benefit from this technology don’t have the internal expertise to build, manage, and evolve a cloud solution on their own. This is because to fully optimize the cloud requires much more than turning on servers located in a service provider’s data center. The cloud requires integration with other business systems, like billing and monitoring. In addition, cloud-based applications must seamlessly interact with existing applications in the data center, offering the same level of security, performance, and reliability as an on-premises solution. IT also needs a way to give lines of business (LOB) easy access to cloud resources while maintaining security and compliance at the same time.

Hybrid cloud eliminates the complexity of building out your own data center cloud by securely and seamlessly extending your data center into the cloud. To further simplify access and help bring the cloud to a broader range of organizations, especially those just starting in cloud, Presidio takes a managed approach to hybrid cloud. The goal is to remove as much complexity as possible so IT and users can focus on their work rather than on managing the network. 

There is a lot of technology behind being able to make this happen. The first component is Presidio Managed Cloud (PMC). PMC provides an intuitive, single-pane interface into the cloud that is feature-rich without being challenging for non-technical personnel to use.  PMC also simplifies lifecycle processes by allowing a self-service model. This enables line of business users to gain access to cloud-based applications and get the value they need quickly without having to involve IT directly. At the same time, IT can maintain a stable environment with tight control over security and policies without getting bogged down handling individual allocations.

Presidio tailors PMC for the specific needs of your organization, as well as makes sure it is properly integrated into your existing data center. This allows IT to give users access to the choices they need with all of the compliance and security policies in place that IT needs. Presidio can even match your style and branding requirements. Presidio is also focused on innovation. With new releases every quarter, PMC continuously provides organizations with enhanced functionality.

The second key component of Presidio’s managed approach to cloud is Cisco Intercloud Fabric for Business (ICF). ICF enables more seamless and secure connectivity between your data center and an ecosystem of cloud providers. Through PMC and ICF, your users can enjoy flexible workload placement and workload portability between your data center and across clouds. It doesn’t matter where workloads are located; the interface and user experience are consistent. To learn more, see our previous blog on capacity augmentation.

PMC with ICF also enables you to access multiple clouds – including Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft Azure – through a single interface. You can also access a wide range of providers offering Cisco Powered services, each built on proven reference architectures and audited by a third-party to verify enterprise-class reliability, performance, and security.  For example, Presidio is partnering with Sungard Availability Services, a Cisco Powered provider, to combine Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). You’ll be able to access IT resources and maintain their availability without ever having to leave PMC.

Presidio is dedicated to providing practical solutions for your connected world.  Learn how Presidio Managed Cloud with Cisco Intercloud Fabric and services from validated Cisco Powered providers like Sungard Availability Services can help you benefit from the cloud and simplify how you can build out and manage your hybrid cloud environment.  Or contact Presidio directly for an in-depth evaluation of how your organization can benefit from hybrid cloud.

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