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Cyber Security: How to Know What You Don’t Know

In the pursuit of digital transformation, organizations are connecting more devices and people than ever. In turn, they move immense volumes of data over increasingly virtualized networks and clouds. This unprecedented level of exposure coincides...

by Joe Leonard, Monday, 14 Nov 2016

In the pursuit of digital transformation, organizations are connecting more devices and people than ever. In turn, they move immense volumes of data over increasingly virtualized networks and clouds. This unprecedented level of exposure coincides with new and constantly evolving attack vectors. It is crucial to understand and address the risks.

In the race to connect more devices to the network, often little attention is paid to building in sophisticated security protections. After all, who would suspect that their medical device or smart thermostat could be turned into a weapon of cybercrime? Yet, according to Gartner, approximately 6.4 billion devices will be IoT-connected in 2016 – and that number is growing. Not to mention an even greater number of smartphones, tablets, and computers in the hands of mobile-connected employees susceptible to phishing via email, text, and social media.

It’s time to sit up and take notice. In 2015, two ethical researchers were able to wirelessly take control of a Jeep Grand Cherokee, resulting in a recall of 1.4 million vehicles. Hackers at a Def Con security conference found nearly 50 critical issues in internet-connected door locks and solar panels, among other devices. And who could forget the major distributed denial-of-services (DDoS) attack on Twitter, Amazon, and others that was believed to be executed by thousands of internet-connected video cameras that were hacked.

These are not isolated incidents. IT organizations face intense pressure to address threats and protect information assets. Whether it is traditionally connected IT assets or emerging connected devices, the problem, according to our customers, is that they “don’t know what they don’t know” – and they don’t know where to start.

What Are the Top Risks to Your Organization?
If you don’t know the answer to that question, then your data is at risk. It’s time to make sure you have a comprehensive cyber security strategy that fully protects your information assets and data. So how do you get started?

Take a holistic approach that examines every aspect of your organization. Normally, organizations focus their security efforts on technology, but do not evaluate people and process. These are the areas that hackers target in their attacks. Start with a comprehensive baseline risk assessment to identify vulnerabilities in everything from infrastructure configuration and network to web apps and remote access. Test for compliance to industry standards. Typically, organizations are surprised at how many vulnerabilities are found and how easily their data can be accessed. Use a baseline deliverable to provide a roadmap that clearly prioritizes the plan to improve the overall security posture.

Many organizations do not have deep security expertise in-house, and depend on Presidio to provide the know-how they need to help them develop a cyber security strategy. Look for a unique combination of network and security skills, and management services across the full cyber security life cycle including assessment, remediation, architecture, implementation, managed services, and compliance. Perhaps it’s just a matter of documenting your procedures and processes – and then following them. You decide which risks you’re willing to accept, and which cyber security elements you will implement, depending on your business goals.

Our customers trust us to help minimize risks and threats to their organization. Our job is to help you “know what you don’t know” so you can sleep at night, knowing your data is secure and protected.

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