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Seamless device management.

At any scale.

Set up devices from anywhere with zero-touch deployment and manage Mac at any scale. Presidio makes it simple and cost-effective for IT to procure, deploy, and support Apple products at scale.


Easy to deploy. At any scale.

At Presidio, we have witnessed first-hand how Apple’s services and solutions are helping international businesses accelerate work-from-anywhere capabilities while innovating enterprise IT ecosystems around the world.


As an Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller (AAER) in Singapore, Presidio’s Apple certified experts deliver end-to-end services, based on a deep understanding of the Apple ecosystem. Presidio houses a specialised Apple practice team that can guide and support you through your Apple deployment and end user device management for your Apple estate.





Apple Business Manager

  • Apple Business Manager eliminates the manual steps needed to deploy a configured and secure device.


    Our Apple Practice team take all the heavy lifting away from your IT team and apply our knowledge, experience and expertise to ensure your Apple devices are secure and run smoothly with comprehensive lifecycle management, cradle to recycle. 




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Multi Product Mac Family Screen




Zero Touch Deployment

  • Thanks to Apple Business Manager, organisations can deploy Apple hardware at scale across their business without the intervention of IT. This integrated, automated approach gives your business more agility as you innovate and iterate your IT infrastructure, combining responsive capabilities with a simple user experience.


    Apple devices can be configured automatically without IT’s help, distributed directly to your employees, ready to be used straight out of the box.




Employee Choice

  • To retain and attract top talent in today’s market, enterprise organisations must embrace more flexible and efficient work environments—while also making sure a mobile workforce is secure and serving the company’s interests.

  • As organisations invest in workplace technology choice programs, it’s all the more critical that your business give employees and teams access to these preferred hardware solutions, delivering advantages that will send a ripple effect of positive transformation throughout your organisation.

  • By offering your employees the choice programme, you will see immediate benefits, such as end-user job satisfaction, as well as strengthening a company’s offering in the war on talent and employee retention.





Apple devices employee choice




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Our Mac experts help you get value, faster.



Trade in your existing devices with Presidio today and put the residual value into your new Apple deployment. In addition, Presidio can help your organisation with OPEX and CAPEX  financial solutions to allow you to pay for new devices leveraging the residual value up front and significantly reducing costs. 


Want to find out more? Our team of local Apple experts are ready to answer any queries you may have.





The Presidio Difference

We strive to cut down on risks and costs, improve time to value and reduce environmental impact. You’re left with total transparency and control of your IT procurement process.

Presidio also provide trade-in services and unique financial solutions with Apple Financial Services to significantly reduce the total outlay for your spend on new Apple deployments across Mac, iPhone and iPad.

Whether it’s trade-in services or unique financial solutions built for Apple deployments, Presidio have you covered.

Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller
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