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PCI Regulatory Compliance: The Challenge
Compliance is all about risk, for both you and the regulator. In the PCI compliance world, it’s about protecting cardholder data according to the standards developed by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) and enforced by your acquirer. Depending on your merchant level, you may need a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) to audit your in-scope systems. Or you may be struggling with finding the time and the qualified resources to fill out a Self- Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ). The stakes are high – non-compliance can net you fines from your acquirer, or a security breach could severely damage your reputation.
Enter Presidio Cyber Security – your source for expert guidance in the world of risk. Presidio is a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) company and has the experience and expertise to help you determine your compliance status and avoid and/or mitigate the associated risks.

We provide:
Extensive and diverse experience
Presidio has been providing security consulting services to clients for over a decade. Our experience spans all major verticals, including retail, education, healthcare, government, banking, and more. Presidio’s consultants are highly experienced and certified professionals with strong backgrounds in security, compliance, and fundamental technology areas and industry- recognized certifications from ISC2, SANS GIAC, and ISACA.

Customized approach
Presidio uses a customized methodology that conforms to the PCI SSC’s requirements for auditing and reporting on compliance with the PCI DSS. Fully customized documents, designed for maximum value and effectiveness in your unique environment, are produced for each engagement and fulfill SAQ and Report on Compliance (ROC) document requirements.

Team Effort
Presidio consultants work together as a team to deliver the highest possible quality of service specific to your needs. All documentation deliverables are peer- reviewed by the entire team.

Presidio’s Cyber Security team will work with you in almost all aspects of PCI DSS compliance, including:
Compliance Assessment
Whether you need a formal Report on Compliance (ROC), assistance filling out a Self- Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), or just need to understand your compliance status ahead of a formal audit, Presidio can deliver. Presidio provides comprehensive auditing services that conform to the PCI SSC’s standards, give you a clear picture of your overall compliance status and areas of non-compliance, and produce the necessary formal documentation for your acquirer.

Penetration Testing
PCI DSS Requirement 11.3 mandates internal and external network- and application- layer penetration testing of your CDE on a regular basis. Presidio has the expertise and experience to test your systems in a controlled fashion, simulating potential attack vectors and uncovering security weaknesses.

Internal Vulnerability Assessment
PCI DSS Requirement 11.2 mandates internal and external network vulnerability scanning on a regular basis. Presidio can fully deliver your internal vulnerability scanning needs or augment your existing program.

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