HIPAA Compliance & IT

HIPAA: The Challenge
The HIPAA and HITECH Acts, coupled with the Meaningful Use guidelines for electronic health records (EHR), are intended to protect patient confidentiality while enabling and incenting healthcare organizations to pursue initiatives that further innovation and patient care. The combination of rigorous enforcement and financial incentives make it more important than ever to ensure complete and ongoing compliance with all aspects of HIPAA requirements and regulations.
Enter Presidio Cyber Security – your source for expert guidance in the world of HIPAA and HITECH. With a HIPAA Compliance Assessment, Presidio has the ability to give you a clear picture of your compliance status, as well as recommendations that make sense for addressing non-compliant areas in your unique organization. This assessment covers all the administrative, physical, and technical safeguards required by the HIPAA Security Rule, HITECH, and the Meaningful Use guidelines and qualifies as a risk analysis as defined in the HIPAA CFR.

We provide:
Extensive and diverse experience Presidio has been providing security consulting services to clients for over a decade. Our experience spans all major verticals, not just healthcare. Presidio’s consultants are highly experienced and certified professionals with strong backgrounds in security, compliance, and fundamental technology areas and industry- recognized certifications from ISC(2), SANS GIAC, and ISACA.

Customized approach Presidio uses a customized methodology, based on industry standards and best practices, for delivering assessment services. Fully-customized documents, designed for maximum value and effectiveness in your unique environment, are produced for each engagement.

Team effort
Presidio consultants work together as a team to deliver the highest possible quality of service specific to your needs. All documentation deliverables are peer-reviewed by the entire team, guaranteeing a level of quality unmatched in the industry.
Non-compliance is a risk with significant financial consequences. A breach resulting from that non- compliance can be devastating to your company. Start down your road to becoming HIPAA compliant today, with Presidio beside you every step of the way.

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