IT Regulatory Compliance

Compliance Risk: The ChallengeOne of the biggest challenges facing organizations for all verticals circle around regulatory compliance and information security standards. Existing requirements are constantly changing and evolving, and new compliance obligations are continually increasing. How do organizations effectively manage and navigate this ever-changing maze of security and compliance? Better yet, how do you do it with the lowest cost of ownership and management? This is where Presidio can help.

Compliance Risk Assessment Process
Presidio has years of experience helping our customers develop successful strategies for meeting their IT security compliance requirements while managing and eliminating undo costs and management overhead. Our team of compliance experts can help with all your information security compliance needs and can perform the following service:

  • Gap Assessments
  • Risk AssessmentsCompliance Audits
  • Policy and Procedure DevelopmentCompliance Program Development
  • Penetration Testing
  • Governance and Framework Development

Presidio’s IT Compliance Experience
Presidio has a decade of experience with regulatory compliance in virtually every industry. We have assisted public and private companies, as well as entities from all levels of government. Your compliance needs are neither too big nor too small for us to help. If you have compliance needs, contact Presidio today.

Below are some compliance areas where Presidio can help:

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