Information Security Governance Frameworks

IT Governance and Framework
An information security program architecture is a framework by which information security programs are implemented, including governance and technical, procedural, and process controls that are all aligned to the mission, vision, and goals of the organization.Presidio has experience with many frameworks and standards and will build a security program that closely aligns to any of the following standards, or customize one for your specific business and security needs.

Value of a security architecture and IT Governance
Most vulnerability incurred by organizations originates from a disconnect between business requirements (all that which is important to the organization) and current information security best practices. For example, if an IT department does not have an understanding of the criticality of certain business data or services, then the necessary resources will not be allocated to appropriately protect and preserve those services or data. Program architecture marries business requirements and established security best practices in an organized fashion and enables your organization to implement those best practices and achieve your goals at acceptable risk levels.

Developing and implementing an architecture that makes sense for your organization
Every organization needs a security program architecture, and every security program is going to look different. Program architecture development is a complex undertaking that requires broad expertise across information security, business operations, and departmental and corporate strategic planning.
Enter Presidio Cyber Security – your source for expert guidance in the world of risk. We use a risk-based security consulting methodology to develop an information security program architecture for protecting your data and managing your specific risks. We understand the current threats, vulnerabilities, technologies, regulatory compliance requirements, and industry best practices that are essential for development of effective programs and processes that truly protect your organization in the face of an ever-changing threat landscape.

Components of an Effective IT Security Architecture

  • Process Vulnerability Assessment – Review of existing process framework and policies to identify current risks.
  • Regulatory Requirements Gap Analysis – Mapping of current information security state to applicable regulatory requirements and clearly show any discrepancies
  • Policy Development – Development of tailored hierarchical policies that are aligned with business and security requirements and state organizational direction.
  • Process Development – Development of high-level processes associated with organizational policies that describe the workflow mandated by same.
  • Program Development – Development of individual programs that each tie together policies, processes, procedures, organizational structure, and business drivers into a logical unit. Examples of IT security programs include vulnerability management, incident management, business continuity, and risk management.
  • Controls Mapping – Mapping of each of the individual controls contained in one or more relevant security standards, cross-indexed with each other.

Presidio can help you talk the necessary steps to secure your business.
The Steps to a Secure Organization

  • Define a Strategy
  • Establish Policies
  • Implement System
  • Create Awareness
  • Monitor Results
  • Enforce Compliance


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