Quarterly Leasing Line

A Pre-approved Leasing Line to Cover All Quarterly Technology Acquisitions

Presidio Quarterly Leasing Lines (QL2) allow you to consolidate equipment acquisitions and related service costs, and start paying once equipment is installed and working—not upon delivery. This lets you place hardware, software, maintenance and even services on a single schedule.

The QL2 structure aggregates equipment into fewer lease schedules, which reduces administration and makes it easier to manage leases and assets. This approach also reduces finance costs with the efficiency of larger and less number of schedules.


  • Provides turnkey structure to finance a stream of IT acquisitions (large and small cost items) on a single schedule.
  • Dramatically reduces number of lease schedules and administration cycles.
  • Allows your company to source equipment from Presidio and/or other third-party vendors.

Presidio Technology Capital can manage, process and pay all vendor invoices throughout the QL2 period. In addition, we can order equipment and issue purchase orders to third-party vendors.