Customer Challenges

To tap the potential of digital transformation, we see organizations making a fundamental shift in how they build, test, and deploy their solutions and applications. With the drive towards virtualization and other technology innovations, companies that can leverage these trends, drive organizational change and deliver value in an agile and timely way will gain competitive advantage. They must use IT talent to its fullest potential as it evolves in response to the DevOps phenomenon. The challenge: developing a strategy that brings different teams together, and creates automation and processes that allow them to leverage new technologies at speed. 

Our Solutions

The Presidio Development Operations (DevOps) practice educates organizations in DevOps philosophy and best practices; shifts technology, culture and process, and facilitates the supporting development infrastructure and strategy. Using our DevOps methodology, client can streamline teams, speed development, increase agility, and accelerate software releases. 

When working with our clients to develop their own DevOps practice we help them create a cultural shift towards collaboration. In addition, we focus on building the infrastructure to automate all steps of the development lifecycle from inception, development of code, testing, quality assurance, staging and production. This speeds development and sharing of new features and capabilities to drive releases to market as quickly as possible. We additionally offer support through vendor solutions that fit an organization’s development stream and aid in automation efforts. With Presidio, clients can open and operate their own DevOps tools and release software rapidly, frequently and reliably.