Data Analytics

Customer Challenges

Sensors, cameras, wearables and machines will create huge volumes of data that can be accessed and shaped to get actionable insights. We have helped leaders in a number of industries explore how to capitalize on data sourced from IoT enabled devices, making it a core part of their enterprise IT roadmap by unifying IoT, cloud, big data and security. Data and analytics applications must seamlessly move from the device and network into the hybrid or multi cloud, while terabyte storage in data lakes and intelligent handling of data on the edge can address volume and costs. And when collecting data, securing it and complying with data privacy laws becomes crucial.

As the amount and frequency of data increases, companies need to automate and simplify data analysis for the end business user to make more timely decisions and be more competitive. With analytics spanning a wide range of application use cases, organizations must set thoughtful goals around analytics, develop data science best practices and choose the right technology to provide quality insights. However, enterprises often try to seize the opportunity of data analytics by engaging with big data vendors that offer a one size fits all approach, which can leave them with limited insight into the true value of their data. 

Our Solutions

Our data analytics solution offers enterprises the strategy and technology to leverage valuable insights. We start with a design phase that engages our analytics experts and solution architects to evaluate customer data sets and needs and flag initial key insights to develop a comprehensive data analytics strategy. This approach explores the value of customer data and determines what type of analytics solution best fits their needs. Our extensive analytics portfolio offers solutions for real-time and predictive data analytics, IT operations analytics, cyber security analytics as part of the Presidio Cyber Risk Management program, and physical security analytics.

Once we have helped identify the correct customer requirements, we draw on a comprehensive network of specialized partners and vertically focused analytics experts to determine the correct data analytics tools mix and required infrastructure for our client. These technologies can be selected to meet customer needs for insight, as well as provide a platform for data collection, organization and validation from any device or sensor to ensure reliability and standardization of analysis.