Contact Center

Customer Challenges

Simply answering and transferring customer calls no longer makes the grade. Customers now demand personalized, prompt and professional service—requirements for which contact center personnel must have sophisticated tools. Contact center managers also face additional operational challenges:

  • Reducing operating costs while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction
  • Increasing revenue
  • Leveraging social media to communicate with customers
  • Supporting the technologies the business has invested in
  • Managing the hiring and training of employees while maintaining their loyalty
  • Comparing contact center performance to the performance of competitors

If customers experience delays or frustration, or if a lack of integration among systems forces customers to constantly repeat information, the business suffers.  In addition to incurring more costs to properly satisfy customer requests, the business risks losing customers the next time they purchase new products and services.  This is where we can help.

Our Solutions

Presidio Contact Center solutions provide sophisticated technologies that enable businesses to properly manage incoming and outgoing communication. We tailor the wide range of industry-specific solutions below for the healthcare, financial, government, utilities, and retail sectors:

  • Business Consulting: Utilizing the Strategic Engagement Framework (SEF) consulting model to align business goals with technology solutions and business processes
  • Managed Services: To proactively monitor and manage your contact center
  • Social Media: Intelligently integrate social media into your contact center
  • Mobile Contact Center Solutions: For work-at-home personnel and mobile workforces

Our expertise in IP communications, security, wireless technologies and core-system integration enables us to deliver comprehensive, customized and unified solutions that ensure consistency, reliability and optimized performance.


Presidio's team of talented solution developers simplify contact center processes by integrating backend systems with contact center applications.  We provide true computer telephony integration for agent desktops, CRM applications, IP handsets and IVR systems using advanced contact center technologies:

  • Advanced Call Routing
  • Self-Service IVR
  • Speech Recognition Applications
  • Outbound Campaigns
  • Custom Reporting
  • Virtualization
  • Multi-Channel Applications: email, chat, social media
  • Workforce Optimization
  • Speech Analytics
  • Hosted Solutions
  • Business Process Optimization