Vendor Maintenance Optimization

Maximize Your Vendor Maintenance Investment

Presidio's Vendor Maintenance Optimization services help clients optimize their investment in Cisco SMARTnet contracts by taking on the burden of asset management:

  • Programmatic analysis of infrastructure maintenance requirements
  • Enhanced contract management to ensure the right level of maintenance

Using proprietary technology, we continuously scan your environment to determine how and where Cisco assets are deployed. We also create a central repository of asset configuration information to identify discrepancies between the SMARTnet contract and reality.

Leveraging this information, we provide customized analysis and reporting that yields greater insight into the utilization and performance of your Cisco infrastructure. By more accurately tracking your infrastructure devices, you can ensure required support is in place, manage risk more effectively, and make more informed decisions regarding your SMARTnet spend.

And, our Presidio Vision portal provides a full-service, easy to use and customizable device management and service-monitoring portal so you can manage all of your Cisco SMARTnet contracts from a single dashboard.