Deployment & Integration

Customer Challenges

Deploying technologies and integrating them with existing systems often prove to be difficult endeavors for many businesses. Internal IT resources may be capable, but other conditions can create major roadblocks:

  • Diminished IT headcount
  • Lack of specific expertise in new technologies
  • Rapidly-shrinking timelines
  • Lack of experience integrating solutions across multi-organizational companies

Without bandwidth and prior experience deploying and integrating a specific solution—along with the need to address immediate, day-to-day end-user needs—IT is often forced to delay major technology projects.

In extreme cases, the project never gets off the ground or reaches a successful conclusion. The business then finds itself hampered by inefficient business processes that continue to prevent end users for performing their jobs effectively.

Our Services

Presidio Solution Deployment and Integration gives you access to field-tested experts and with real-world experience. We design and deploy technologies that not only leverage existing systems but also positioning you to easily integrate new technologies that emerge in the future.

Our Strategic Engagement Framework (SEF) service delivery methodology eliminates assumptions and reduces risk to ensure success throughout the lifecycle of your project. Our engineering and project management teams stay in lock-step with you from project inception to completion.

As we collaborate with your internal IT team, we can advise you on all possible technology solutions and help you select those that make the most sense for your business. In addition to our deep understanding of technologies, we also comprehend the business process aspects as well as the needs of end users. This combination allows us to recommend solutions that work well for all stakeholders.