Software Lifecycle and Asset Management

Customer Challenges

As consumption model of IT assets change so to does the realization of IT investments. Leveraging existing investments is a top business priority for IT Departments but often times software features are not fully deployed and licenses and contracts only get reviewed annually while the business is dynamic.

How does an organization deploy the full functionality of an IT solution that is correctly aligned to the business? How does IT procurement apply the right licensing model and have the right maintenance and coverage model for assets that are in use while predicting lifecycle of both?


Our Services

Software Adoption Services

Presidio realizes that a technology focus does not translate to the end user experience. Adoption requires a user focus rather than a purely technology focus of implementation.

  • An assessment is conducted by a Solution Architect to validate licensing, system health, software versions, and configurations against best practices.
  • User focus project implementation plan is reviewed.
  • If necessary a remediation plan is developed and presented.

Asset Management

We have a dedicated team of asset management analysts that can enable you unlock the full potential of your IT investments and help you with the right license and coverage models.

  • Infrastructure Software Licensing (Cisco One)
  • Inventory Discovery and Asset Management
  • Active Management of Maintenance Contracts
  • Software Procurement and Investment Protection
  • Enterprise License Agreements
  • Flexible Licensing and Financing