Presidio Managed Cloud

Customer Challenges

Today’s IT landscape is changing. The abundance of new off-premise, cloud-based software and infrastructure resources is making it easier for organizations of all sizes to choose new ways of providing and procuring IT internally. This has manifested itself both within and outside the control of IT, resulting in growing complexity and the potential for unauthorized Shadow IT, bringing loss of control and potentially higher operational risk.

Shadow IT has become a serious challenge for IT. As end users look for ease of use and an appropriate speed of delivery of IT resources, IT has been forced to prioritize. Unfortunately, current management and orchestration tools are not adequately addressing the issue, resulting in further growth of Shadow IT. The result is that IT is not keeping up with the demands of the business just as public cloud providers are offering quick and easy alternatives.

Furthermore, as organizations leverage these new services, the challenges around managing this hybrid IT environment grow rapidly given the multitude of resources and services both on- and off-premise heavily relied on by end users. Orchestrating the services, assets and resources in such hybrid IT environments requires the right tools to ensure that the multitude of benefits of using such an approach can be fully realized.

Our Services

Presidio Managed Cloud was designed to eliminate shadow IT and provide the orchestration required to manage customers’ complex cloud environments. PMC does this with a robust IT service delivery engine accessed through an intuitive self-service portal. Presidio Managed Cloud (PMC) provides customers a practical approach for IT to act like an internal service provider by offering end-users an intuitive self-service portal for single-tenant private cloud today and hybrid cloud tomorrow.

Specifically, Presidio Managed Cloud:

  • Creates a service catalog for CIOs to leverage and provide IT as a service to the business
  • Enables end users to procure IT services quickly and efficiently through an intuitive, self-service portal that is customizable and easy to use across PCs, tablets and smartphones
  • Allows clients to extend their single-tenant private cloud environment today to a hybrid cloud approach leveraging multi-tenant public cloud services to meet tomorrow’s business demands
  • Offers flexible consumption models for IT whether the resources are based in the private cloud or sourced from public cloud providers

Starting first with the private cloud, Presidio Managed Cloud helps clients not only address the challenges of Shadow IT but also realize the significant benefits of cloud computing without having to build a new cloud environment. By providing customers a managed orchestration-as-a-service solution, PMC allows IT to become an internal service provider to their end users. The benefits of this approach are numerous:

  • Control of shadow IT by providing users with easy-to-procure services at point of need
  • Creates a service catalogue for CIO to leverage and provide IT as a service to business practices.
  • Central management of all cloud assets including public cloud providers.
  • Decrease operational costs by gaining efficiencies and agility.
  • Improve client experience and enable the extension into hybrid cloud
  • Ability to extend clients’ single tenant environment to multi-tenant clouds to solve capacity, data management, performance and business demands