Cloud Concierge

Customer Challenges

The abundance of new off-premise, cloud-based software and infrastructure resources makes it easier for organizations of all sizes to choose new ways of providing and procuring IT. This has occurred both with and without the involvement of the IT department, resulting in growing complexity, unauthorized “shadow IT,” loss of control and higher operational risk.

Unfortunately, current management and orchestration tools fail to adequately address the issue, resulting in further growth of “shadow IT.” As the industry races to keep up with the demands of the business, public cloud providers are offering quick and easy alternatives that can be directly accessed by any employee with a credit card and laptop.

In a multi cloud world, flexibility, choice, security and performance features and functions are crucial, in addition to agility, time-to-market and cost. Managing this hybrid IT environment is increasingly challenging given the multitude of on- and off-premise resources and services relied upon by end users. Orchestrating the services, assets and resources in these environments requires the right tools to ensure that multi cloud benefits can be fully realized.

Our Services

Presidio Cloud Concierge – a full lifecycle marketplace, multi cloud management, and orchestration solution that is public- and private-cloud agnostic – provides our customers choice and flexibility. This multi cloud management solution offers:

  • A self-service customizable Marketplace and Service Catalog
  • Integrated Automation and Orchestration engine providing dynamic service on-boarding, provisioning, lifecycle management and analytics
  • An API Manager providing simple API integration, access, management and control
  • A Dynamic Analytics platform providing consumption and financial information with consolidated metrics across providers and services, fueling functionality that “learns” from analytics to help make recommendations
  • Federated Security Authentication, Authorization and Policy Management
  • Flexible consumption models and financing options

Presidio Cloud Concierge is a cloud service platform that enables enterprise customers to deliver, manage and consume multi cloud services through a simple, powerful user interface – helping them gain efficiency, visibility and savings. It also enables service providers to create ready-made marketplaces and offer Cloud-as-a-Service to their own end customers.

With Cloud Concierge, you can:

  • Manage your entire multi-cloud platform, including multiple on premise cloud (hypervisor) and public options (AWS/Azure), from a single pane of glass
  • Assess in real time which multi-cloud platform is right for your workload, based on cost, performance, security and compliance
  • Easily and instantly offer new cloud based services to your clients