Project Finance

Lease Line-of-Credit Covering Project Acquisition Costs for Up to One Year

Technology projects often take months to implement yet many leases do not account for this reality. Why should you pay for the entire project months before you receive any value or benefit from the work?

Presidio’s Project Finance option allows you to start a lease once the project is completed. This better aligns spend to when you actually recognize the benefits of the project and ultimately realize your return on investment. You simply pay for what you use when you use it—not when you purchase it.


  • Matches expenses to benefits for long-term projects
  • Manages multiple relationships to take the burden off internal teams
  • Eliminates need to manage multiple lease schedules for one project
  • Processes all vendor invoices
  • Coordinates payments with equipment delivery
  • Provides option to include hardware, software, implementation services, and maintenance

A core financial premise is to match the cost of a project to the benefits derived from that project. We can do that for you.