Capacity On Demand

Customer Challenges

Business demands and expectations have created  new consumption models for IT, forcing organizations to consider new service-delivery options. Many business units turn to public cloud offerings often times without IT involvement. However, this approach places the enterprise at risk when it comes to data security and compliance with corporate policies and industry regulations.

Leveraging the cloud and moving to a variable-cost model—with the ability to expand capacity on-demand—appeals to many CIOs and business unit leaders. The compelling benefits of a public cloud include the ease of acquiring capacity as needed and paying only for consumed resources.




But public cloud offerings are typically delivered from a multi-tenant environment that does not meet the security and compliance policies of most companies. Contracts can also prove difficult to modify and impossible to adapt to for ongoing needs. And once data moves to the public cloud, it becomes challenging to migrate.

While public clouds initially offer the potential of low costs for consuming IT services, they often end up costing more than expected due to tight restrictions that force enterprises to pay additional fees for receiving the resources and the flexibility required to properly run their businesses.

Our Solutions

Understanding the challenges of public clouds, Presidio created the Capacity-On-Demand Model to address the unique requirements of each business. Our practical blueprint for the cloud delivers end-user experiences focused on efficiency, performance and ease-of-use.

The Capacity-On-Demand consumption model features all the benefits of the public cloud, but in a private, single-tenant environment with a capacity-on-demand configuration that’s customized to your environment:


  • Provides the freedom to “pay-as-you-go” based only on consumed IT resources.

  • Includes monitoring of your environment to predict when compute and storage resources will reach trigger events.

  • Features access to additional assets that are always readily available and deployed well in advance of when you actually need them.


Presidio takes full ownership of both the professional and managed service requirements of your Capacity-On-Demand solution. We also assume all of the capital and financial risks—you pay only for the capacity as and when you consume IT resources.


In providing private cloud and virtual private cloud solutions to our customers, Presidio relies on best-of-breed technologies from leading vendors in the IT industry:


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