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By Josh Miller, Consulting Director Presidio
11/24/14 at 10:38 am
Cisco's highest-tech digital offering in five years -- Project Squared, which hit their Partner Summit in L.A. last week -- breaks digital boundaries by tapping into analog sensibilities.  Yep. You read that right.  Analog.  Turns out, counter-intuitively -- and yet shockingly intuitive once the light bulb flashes on -- analog is the way to understand digital. 
11/19/14 at 07:17 am
LAS VEGAS, Nev. — November 18, 2014 – Presidio received NetApp’s distinguished FlexPod Premium Partner-National Accelerator Award for Public Sector during NetApp’s Insight Conference held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. The Accelerator Award is given to partners that have demonstrated accelerated growth and investment around FlexPod solutions.
Devon Buffington, Consulting Principal, Presidio
11/10/14 at 07:32 am
Many corporations face the challenge of keeping end-users satisfied with their company’s IT services while maintaining control over information that is critical to the success of their business. Baylor College of Medicine recently found themselves in a similar situation. Compounding these conflicting efforts, Baylor needed to negotiate and resolve issues around researcher grant funding (which is granted to a researcher or project) as well as solve for challenges plaguing the College itself.
11/05/14 at 04:54 am
Greenbelt, MD – November 5, 2014 –Presidio today announced that they have built and completed requirements for one of the first EMC-validated Platinum Solution Centers that clients and prospects will be able to view and test.
10/23/14 at 12:35 am
My name is Justin Coleman and I am an Inside Sales Representative or ISR within Presidio’s North Region. Presidio gave me my first career opportunity straight out of college and I have been here ever since for the last 10 years. I work with a team of core Account Executives and Engineers and support their business including Managed Services in the greater Boston area.
Sean Walls, Director, Cyber Security Solutions
10/14/14 at 12:58 am
Compliance, what is it? The dictionary defines compliance as, “the action of obeying, or complying, to a wish or command.” In IT, we think of compliance as adhering to the rules placed on us by the government or industry, to better secure our intellectual assets and customer data. When we think of compliance we think of PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA, and so on. But if regulatory compliance is meant to help us protect our data, then why are so many “compliant” companies being breached? The answer is simple, “Compliance does not equal security”.
10/13/14 at 02:18 pm
Greenbelt, MD – October 14, 2014 – Presidio announced today that it has been named one of the first four companies to commit to the Cisco Intercloud Builders channel program to build Intercloud-ready private clouds based on Cisco Intercloud fabric. Presidio was also named as one of the Intercloud Providers that will deliver next generation Intercloud enabled cloud services.
Raphael Meyerowitz, AVP, Data Center Technical Services, Presidio @raphmeyer with excerpts from EMC Press Release
10/08/14 at 12:57 pm
On October 7th, Presidio participated in EMC's Total Client Experience Day - a day dedicated to reinforcing our industry's commitment to providing customers and partners with the very best experience in IT.  Raphael Meyerowitz sat down with EMC to share his insights on what customer experience means to Presidio. How do you define the role of customer experience for your organization, and what have you done in the CX space that you are most proud of?
Raphael Meyerowitz, AVP, Data Center Technical Services, Presidio @raphmeyer with excerpts from EMC Press Release
09/30/14 at 06:27 am
Offers Lab-Proven Solutions to Simplify and Lower Surveillance Costs This new offering will encompass Isilon at the core and a new highly customized VNX-VSS100 at the edge.    Highlights:
Carl Niger, Senior Consulting Engineer, Presidio
09/22/14 at 07:54 am
Sometimes new protocols or technologies come about and fly under the radar, other times they burst onto the scene. LISP, or Locator Identifier Separation Protocol, seems to have fallen firmly into the former of those categories. LISP has been around in IETF draft form since mid 2009, and is really an incredible protocol that solves a LOT of problems across a wide variety of applications. Presidio was fortunate enough to have a Cisco LISP expert present at the Presidio Exchange conference. 
09/05/14 at 02:46 pm
Greenbelt, MD - September 5, 2014 – Presidio today announced that their engineering and sales conference, Exchange 2014, will grow to host over 1,300 engineering and sales leaders from the company and will feature over 80 ecosystem partners at the event Expo. Exchange 2014 is anchor sponsored by Presidio’s strategic partner Cisco Systems, as well as other ecosystem partners who are participating in the two day event in Orlando, Florida.
Steve Miller, Solution Architect, Presidio TriState Area
09/04/14 at 07:26 am
In today’s software defined era, workloads, applications, and especially end users are demanding more performance than ever before and instant access regardless of where they are and what device they are using to access it.  With all the focus on software, workloads, applications, hypervisors, and “cloud,” it is easy for people to forget that the software has to run on an infrastructure.  The challenge in today’s world is to do more with less hardware while delivering more compute than ever before.  
By Andrew Sherman, VP of Advanced Consulting, Presidio
08/21/14 at 05:47 am
"Datacenter is not a physical destination."
Q&A with Ernest Dunn, Presidio and Peter Romness, Cisco
08/12/14 at 06:36 am
To help our customers find out about the latest trends in cyber security and the measures they must now take to protect their businesses, Presidio recently interviewed Ernest Dunn, our Director of Secure Networks, as well as Peter Romness—Cisco’s Cyber Security Business Development Manager for the Public Sector. The valuable insights that Ernest and Peter provided appear below:
Brian Dickinson,
08/10/14 at 04:59 pm
Blind Descent author and 7 Summit solo climber extraordinaire, Brian Dickinson, proves that we all can #makeithappen
Brian Feeny, Director of Engineering, South Florida, Presidio
08/05/14 at 11:00 am
There has been a proliferation in cloud offered services over the last few years.  Almost every vendor now has a cloud like offering or is selling their technology or software as a service. These services mean to simplify the costs and effort needed to deploy and maintain IT services. One of the latest offerings is Database as a Service.
Raphael Meyerowitz, AVP, Data Center Technical Services, Presidio
08/01/14 at 02:05 pm
In today’s highly-converged datacenter and the all-flash array market, more Fiber Channel and FCoE bandwidth has become a necessity. Video, Big Data, and the accelerated pace of private and hybrid cloud adoption are driving demand for increased data storage
07/31/14 at 07:51 am
Greenbelt, MD – July 31, 2014 – Presidio announced today that it has again achieved a Customer Satisfaction Excellence Gold Star from Cisco. This designation recognizes Presidio for delivering outstanding customer service to customers in the United States. "Client Satisfaction is a top priority and focus of our business and is core to what we do every day”, stated Dave Hart, Executive VP and COO of Presidio. “We are pleased to be recognized with excellence in Customer Satisfaction by Cisco with the Gold Star award."
Samuel Clements, Mobility Practice Manager, Presidio
07/14/14 at 05:40 am
The proverbial saying of the Cobbler’s Kids is true in the high tech industry. Even here at Presidio, as a nationwide top systems integrator, we find it challenging to carve out the time to implement our own technology in the same way we would comprehensively for a client. Mobility technologies are changing so fast and are so critical to productivity that we recently had to prioritize our own employee experience and standardize on the right tool set.  
Ernest Dunn, Director, Secure Networks, Presidio
06/26/14 at 10:55 am
BYOD is a truly a global phenomenon with 9 out of10 of IT departments enabling some form of BYOD.  According to Gartner, half of companies will require BYOD by 2017. Despite these staggering numbers, BYOD is still a topic that is very polarizing for many organizations.  I wanted to spend some time reviewing the benefits and challenges of BYOD as well as provide some good next steps for organizations still in the process of their BYOD journey.  Some of the benefits of BYOD include: