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Dan Stephens, Director, Collaboration, Presidio South
08/06/13 at 05:41 am
“UC on UCS” is used to describe the placement of virtualized Cisco Unified Communications or Collaboration applications onto a Cisco Unified Compute System. Recently, a few clients have asked about the benefits of implementing UC on UCS, especially now that UC virtualization is also supported on other major Blade systems. The answer is simple: control, support and vendor commitment.
Steven Reese
02/25/13 at 04:59 am
Whether or not you choose to consider collaboration as a platform or an activity, the fact that can’t be debated is that the two ends of any network are information and people. When the industry accepts that people and information are the two constants that have never changed, the notion of collaboration becoming a platform to connect the two ends of the network becomes more palatable. Let’s look at how the collaboration platform has evolved.
Dan Stephens, UC Practice Manager
02/25/13 at 04:41 am
What is the difference between these two phrases, Mobile Collaboration and Collaboration Mobility?  I would suggest that the difference is in the connotation, technicalcapability versus defining a business challenge.