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Andrew Sherman, VP of Advanced Consulting, Presidio
04/01/14 at 10:42 am
When I began my career in technology in 1999, companies were establishing their web presence.  I was in sales back then and the number of servers bought to support websites was staggering.  If you were in the industry at that time, I’m sure you remember.  If your company wasn’t on the web, it was on the road to the web.  If you had just a smidgen of HTML programming experience, you suddenly found yourself as the web administrator. 
Ernes Taljic, Principal Storage Architect, Presidio
03/17/14 at 06:08 pm
The Challenge Most datacenters are designed in an active/passive configuration. The passive datacenter is used in “what-if” situations and are strictly deployed for disaster recovery scenarios. A lot of resources are consumed for datacenters to be used only for the “what-if” scenarios. The Presidio solution described herein offers an intelligent datacenter solution that brings a true active/active structure to utilize two or more datacenters equally.
Ray Clearwater, Consulting Principal, Presidio
05/14/13 at 06:46 am
I recently had a chance to get my hands on Cisco’s new MDS 9710 fabric director at EMC World 2013 and I can describe it in two words, common sense.    Common sense is defined by Merriam-Webster as “sound and prudent judgment based on a simple perception of the situation or facts”.   As part of the Cisco’s Storage Networking line and neatly following in the MDS 9513’s path, the MDS 9710 provides  reliability, performance and scale, and represents the new standard in data center storage networking.
Jason Gates, Data Center Team Lead, Presidio South
05/13/13 at 07:47 am
We are all anticipating the impact of big data on the datacenter of the future. Recently at EMC world 2013, I had an opportunity to take a peek at Cisco’s new innovations, the MDS 9710. Cisco has always been an innovator in the storage area network market, and it appears this trend is not going to change. The MDS 9710 provides 4x the performance of any storage director in the market with 16Gb fibre channel ports and supports both FC/FCoE in the same chassis.
Steven Reese
02/25/13 at 04:55 am
All too many times I am on a conference call, sitting in a meeting with a partner, employee and/or client, attending a symposium or conference, and the term “cloud” comes up. Anymore, the term “cloud” comes up so often in the technology industry that I’m starting to think it isn’t a term, rather a punctuation mark. What I find interesting is the number of definitions that “cloud” seems to take on in those conversations. What is even more interesting is that many times, it is the same individual using “cloud” in so many different contexts.
Steve Kaplan - VP of Virtualization and Cloud
02/25/13 at 04:37 am
Desktop-as-a-Service as Part of IT-as-a-Service IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) as a concept is pretty well defined with lots of players and products in the space such as VMware vCloud Director, Cisco Intelligent Automation, CA AppLogic, VCE Vblock, etc. Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS), on the other hand, tends to invoke thoughts of a cloud provider offering hosted Windows desktops. But when considered as a subset of ITaaS, DaaS enables greater synergy, efficiency and agility.   Just another Set of Workloads
Steve Kaplan - VP of Virtualization and Cloud and Jeremy Oakey
02/21/13 at 10:14 am
A private cloud is built upon a virtualized network, along with storage and compute, resources. Many virtual networks are overlaid on top of the shared physical network, logically separating tenants on the shared resources. One challenge is that the physical network lacks visibility into the topology of the overlays. A second obstacle is that network overlays utilizing standard vSwitches do not allow for security and network policies to live-migrate with VMs.
Steve Kaplan, VP of Virtualization and Cloud Cloud Computing
02/05/13 at 04:40 pm
Presidio works with many different manufacturers to implement various pieces of a private cloud strategy ranging from services catalogs to orchestration to chargeback. vCloud Suite promotion is VMware’s latest effort to enable private cloud by putting the foundational products for VMware’s cloud strategy into hundreds of thousands of customer environments. It also provides both a comprehensive cloud-computing vision and tangible path for transformation to software-defined data centers.