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a Sequoia Whitepaper
10/15/13 at 07:57 am
Executive Overview Hybrid IT vs Hybrid Cloud Today’s CIOs are responsible for variety of application and infrastructure services (dedicated and virtualized) and in many cases are on the path to offering Private Clouds. In addition the same IT organizations are managing a portfolio of service providers for with Public Cloud services and Management Services. The combination of all of these delivery options is defined as Hybrid IT. So in effect most modern IT organizations are already Hybrid IT enabled.
a Sequioa Whitepaper
10/15/13 at 06:53 am
Executive Overview Converged Infrastructure Enables Advanced IT Information Technology continues to evolve at a dizzying rate. With the advent of Virtualization and Cloud Computing the IT industry has taken a new path – bringing together all of the core technologies used in the data center into pre-integrated converged platforms that combine storage, network and compute. These platforms are optimized for a virtualization and shared infrastructure model – moving away from traditional dedicated platforms for individual applications.