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Privacy Policy

Presidio Inc, and its subsidiaries {“Presidio”) believe that online privacy is crucial for the ongoing success of the Internet as a service, commercial and entertainment medium. We collect personal and/or business information from you primarily to make using the Presidio Web site easier and more satisfying. In registering for certain services offered by Presidio you may be asked to provide your name, e-mail address, Zip code or other information. Unless you designate otherwise, the personally identifiable information you provide will be known only to you and to Presidio and its advisors and affiliates. We will ask you before providing this information to anyone else.

Information gathered online can generally be categorized as either anonymous or personally identifiable. Anonymous information is information that cannot be traced back to a specific individual. For example, Presidio knows how many visitors arrive at its Web site each day, but does not know the names, e-mail addresses or gender of the people using the Web site.

Personally identifiable information is information you provide that lets us know specific facts about you so that we can customize the information Presidio delivers to you accordingly. This information can include your name, e-mail address, Zip code, age, etc. It is our belief that you will find it beneficial to provide us with personal and/or business information so that your experience with is more satisfying.

Each time a visitor comes to the Presidio Web site, we may collect some information to improve the overall quality of the online experience, including product monitoring and product improvement. At the Web site, we may collect the visitor's domain name (e.g. whether the user is logged on from or, referral data (e.g., we record the address of the last URL a user visited prior to clicking through to the Web site), and browser and platform type (e.g., a Netscape browser on a Macintosh platform).

In addition to collecting these types of information, we also count, track, and aggregate the visitor's activity into our analysis of general traffic flows at our sites (e.g. tracking where traffic comes from, etc.). To these ends, we may merge information about you into group data, which may then be shared on an aggregated basis with our clients and or advertisers; but Presidio, Inc. will not disclose your individual identity or personal and/or business data without your permission. When Presidio. does present aggregated information to outside companies, no one will be able to identify or contact you. Presidio reserves the right to change this policy at any time without notice to you.


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