Practical Perspectives: Presidio IT Blog

10/11/13 at 03:42 am

My name is Tony Kaperick and I am a Senior Account Executive at Presidio.

I help my clients accelerate their “time to mission”, how quickly they can deliver on the mission of their organization. Serving students, patients, or constituents -- delivering on the promise and passion that is the lifeblood of that organization.  I leverage process and practical input in a partnership with our clients’ staff, trying to bring a fresh perspective, a new option, a different way of thinking to the challenge at hand.

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06/26/13 at 09:51 am

On the afternoon of May 20th, 2013, an EF5 tornado, with peak winds estimated at 210 miles per hour, struck Moore, Oklahoma and adjacent areas killing 24 people and injuring 377 others. The tornado was part of a larger weather system that had produced several other tornadoes during the previous two days. As the nation watched the aftermath of this tragic event, local Presidio engineer, Oscar Garza, sent out a text to the Oklahoma team asking “What can we do?” The team collaborated, and with encouragement from senior management, was able to provide lunch to 300 volunteers at a local shelter in Norman, OK by the name of Journey Church.

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04/03/13 at 05:39 am

My job is about being practical. When Presidio rolled out our new brand I could immediately identify with it as I consider myself a practical thinker. I enable the highly skilled engineering team including pre-sales, implementation, project management, and local managed services teams to meet the customer’s needs.

What I love about what I do is that it allows me to meet both sides of my dual nature – the Yin of the engineering, high tech challenge of puzzling through how to make the technology meet the needs of the customer’s business - and the Yang of the people side of taking care of the needs of the engineers and the customers.

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02/26/13 at 12:14 pm

My name is Jay Gilchrist and I am a Practical Thinker at Presidio.   I am a Sales Manager for the Virtualization Practice in the North Area and am responsible for enabling our teams to be successful implementing virtualization solutions. In my opinion, virtualization is the most exciting field in IT.  These solutions transform the way organizations deliver IT services. The virtualization solutions that Presidio implements transform IT infrastructures that make a big difference to our clients in how they do business. The real secret to successful adoption of virtualization is not necessarily the technology. It is the approach and design that is built around a very specific business function or an opportunity to improve it.

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