Turning Cost into Value with IoT

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Shawn Rahn


Problem: Energy Cost and Lighting Conversion

When we search for opportunities to improve our quality of life through technology, we often overlook our most common operational issues. For example, did you know that, on average, 60% of a city’s energy budget is spent on lighting? Although newer, reduced-cost lighting technology is available, the cost to deploy maintenance staff for the single task of changing every light fixture is still prohibitive.

Solution: Presidio Smart & Connected City, Campus, and Building Solutions

Presidio’s IoT group is driving new, innovative solutions that allow our customers to improve their lighting environment, while using the same physical maintenance required to also deploy additional technology.

New light-emitting diode (LED) technology for outdoor light fixtures brings with it a suite of value add capability to expedite the return on investment. In addition to new, inexpensive light sources, a level of intelligence is placed on the light pole that didn’t previous exist. A source of light can now be adjusted in real-time based on environmental conditions. For example, a light on a bridge at times of minimal use can be set to low light for cost savings. Contrarily, an emergency response situation can trigger a rapid increase in the light level to ensure visibility during the incident.

The Promise of Hybrid Cloud Delivered

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Johan Milbrink, Director of Presidio Managed Cloud

While every company is unique, they all share the commonality of this never-ending balancing act for their IT delivery service model:

  • preparing for fast growth
  • remaining mindful of impending change
  • protecting company assets

The relevance of cloud solutions in balancing these priorities has soared, and having a flexible environment is essential. The consensus is out and hybrid cloud is the desired best case model for most organizations. Presidio Managed Cloud was built to help you simplify the complex cloud environment, while creating  optimal visibility and protection.


The new Presidio Managed Cloud solution is designed to simplify the management of cloud assets both public and private, using a single operational model across a multi-cloud environment. This solution is built on the Cisco One platform and leverages the Cisco Intercloud Fabric. Partnering with Cisco to leverage the Cisco Cloud service provider ecosystem has opened the door for true hybrid cloud functionality. One can provision Cisco ICF cloud services all in one place.


EMC World Dozen

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Raphael Meyerowitz

It is hard to believe that this is my 12th time attending EMC World and I can honestly say that my company, Presidio, and I have never been more optimistic about the market opportunity and EMC. Our commitment started a dozen years ago in 2002 and continues to evolve, but this year seems to be different.  Presidio and EMC have been focused on jointly showcasing our commitment to the customer experience. Customer experience has been an overarching topic discussed in numerous sessions every year.  Unlike many industry events, EMC also hosts a Total Customer Experience Booth (463)  in the Solutions Expo. This acts as a hub for customer experience conversations, offers a great place to give feedback and reinforces that customer experience is just as important as any product to EMC and Presidio. One of the components that really stood out to me was how EMC collects customer data in numerous ways and leverages it to help fix issues in a timely manner.


Enjoy the best of both worlds with Capacity on Demand

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Brian Vislusky, Director, Strategic Technology Group, Data Center

Imagine that your business could pay only for the IT services it actually consumes. And that as your needs grow, more capacity would already be in place. What’s more, you could do all this within the security of a private cloud environment – but without the expense of maintaining your own cloud.

That’s the value-add of Presidio’s Capacity on Demand model.

Here’s how it works: Capacity on Demand is based on work pool modules that are comprised of secure Intel®-based servers and storage resources. When the customer’s first work pool is deployed, Presidio also pre-populates a second work pool. As the customer’s business grows, so do its IT requirements – but the expanded capacity is already in place. The customer consumes one work pool and then another, and so on.  It’s important to note that the customer does not pay for that reserve capacity until it is brought online.

Presidio’s “pay-as-you-grow” model gives businesses a new IT service delivery choice beyond traditional public cloud offerings— but without the performance limitations and the data security risks and compliance issues that can accompany a public cloud solution.

Overcome Your Shadow IT Struggles

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By Bill Ferrato , Vice President, Presidio

“Shadow IT” is a major concern for organizations of all sizes. The term refers to efforts by members within an organization to acquire and manage their own IT resources.  In the early days of networks, this might have involved bringing in an unauthorized technology to create a personal Wi-Fi network.  The primary danger lay in that this technology was not under management of IT and thus could unintentionally expose the company’s network and digital assets.

Today, Shadow IT is an even bigger problem for businesses . For example, in some cases employees are securing cloud resources to run applications and may be uploading sensitive data to an unprotected cloud.  This creates serious security issues for organizations.  Employees are also likely paying a premium for these resources by buying them piecemeal.  In addition, resources are not used as efficiently as they might be if shared between different departments.

Mandating and policing against Shadow IT activity has only limited effect.  Many organizations have clear policies on how IT resources are to be obtained through a centralized department.  Yet employees still work around these policies, for a variety of reasons:

A Story of Innovation: ServiceGrid and Intercloud Expand Managed Services to Achieve Fast IT with Customers

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Ryan Jordan, VP Managed Services, Presidio

A Roundtable Discussion with Presidio and Cisco about the Future of Managed Services


  • Sherri Liebo, VP, Global Partner Marketing


  • Ryan Jordan, VP, Managed Services, Presidio
  • Doyle Bar, Director, Managed Services, Presidio
  • Jim McDonnell, General Manager, Cisco ServiceGrid Business Unit









Ryan, let me start with you. Looking at the services industry overall, do you think that managed services is at a tipping point? If so, what impact do you see on Presidio’s managed services business?

Ryan Jordan: The industry is definitely at a tipping point. The demand for managed services is growing exponentially, and so is Presidio’s managed services business. In fact, it’s the fastest area of growth in our business. 

Jim, do you agree with Ryan about reaching a tipping point in the industry? If so, why do you think clients are looking more actively at managed services?