Presidio Enables Cisco’s Hyper-Convergence around Launch of Cisco HyperFlex Systems

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Raphael Meyerowitz, AVP, Data Center, post-sales

Presidio has been involved in leading the charge with respect to next generation datacenter technologies for many years. Our virtualization expertise can integrate hyper-converged platforms with any virtual workloads and Cisco infrastructure. Cisco has announced the release of Cisco HyperFlex Systems, a new Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) stack. Cisco HyperFlex is built on the Cisco Unifed Computing and integrates a distributed hyperconverged data platform called Cisco HX Data Platform, along with the VMware hypervisor and Cisco Nexus networking, all in a single HCI stack.

What is Cisco HyperFlex?

The basics of a starter edition Cisco HyperFlex stack are as follows:

  • 3 x HyperFlex Systems
  • 2 x Fabric Interconnects
  • HX Data Platform Software

The HyperFlex systems (HX220c and HX240c) will be the Cisco’s enterprise grade hyperconverged platform.

The HyperFlex cluster will be created with rack mount systems that will contribute both compute and storage, for linear growth. As your environment grows, both compute and storage can be scaled non-disruptively.

Evolving Cyber Security Trends: Q&A Session

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Q&A with Joe Leonard & Ernest Dunn

To help our customers find out about the latest trends in cyber security and the measures they must now take to protect their businesses, Presidio recently interviewed Joe Leonard, VP Cyber Security Solutions, and Ernest Dunn,  Director of Secure Networks. Their valuable insights provided appear below:

What cyber security trends are you seeing right now?

Leonard: Daily or weekly we’re hearing about the latest breach and the impact it had on an organization. Presidio has noticed a trend where senior executives are being engaged by their board members to find out what is the strategy is to protect their organization. In many cases, the customers are unsure on what actions they should take to develop the strategy.

The Hard Truth About the Cloud

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Johan Milbrink, Senior Director, Presidio Managed Cloud Solutions

The hard truth about the cloud is many organizations that can benefit from this technology don’t have the internal expertise to build, manage, and evolve a cloud solution on their own. This is because to fully optimize the cloud requires much more than turning on servers located in a service provider’s data center. The cloud requires integration with other business systems, like billing and monitoring. In addition, cloud-based applications must seamlessly interact with existing applications in the data center, offering the same level of security, performance, and reliability as an on-premises solution. IT also needs a way to give lines of business (LOB) easy access to cloud resources while maintaining security and compliance at the same time.

Hybrid cloud eliminates the complexity of building out your own data center cloud by securely and seamlessly extending your data center into the cloud. To further simplify access and help bring the cloud to a broader range of organizations, especially those just starting in cloud, Presidio takes a managed approach to hybrid cloud. The goal is to remove as much complexity as possible so IT and users can focus on their work rather than on managing the network. 

Cloud Computing: What’s Next?

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Doug Kryzan, VP of Strategic Sales and Marketing, Sequoia Cloud Solutions

Finally, large and mid-size companies alike are beginning to realize the economic benefits of the cloud. Gartner named cloud as one of the top technologies in 2015 and the new standard for application development. In fact, close to 90% of all businesses have adopted cloud services in one form or another according to PC World. The wind is now at the back of cloud computing, but “what’s next?”

A growing number of cloud service and software providers are helping accelerate cloud adoption and innovation while giving users more choices. Moreover, the cloud, now mainstream, like its forebear the Internet, has empowered and liberated users in the enterprise. And while IaaS, PaaS and SaaS may have opened another door to innovation for end-users, it has put a knot in the stomach of IT organizations that still cling to policies and practices of a bygone era.

Secure Seamless Capacity Growth and Augmentation with Hybrid Cloud

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Johan Milbrink, Senior Director, Presidio Managed Cloud Solutions

Nearly every organization has some kind of seasonal peak that strains its IT and data center resources. Online retailers, for example, have a tremendous revenue opportunity during the holidays.  To meet this demand, however, can require several times the IT capacity needed for off-peak operation. There is also the additional cost of having to overprovision a data center to accommodate these peaks and paying for assets that sit idle for most of the year.

Many organizations are looking to implement hybrid cloud technology because it can enable them to extend the capacity of their data center without capital investment. This is an important capability more and more businesses are taking advantage of, and today you have a diverse range of providers, environments, and clouds to choose from.

To help you meet your organization’s changing needs for capacity, Presidio offers Presidio Managed Cloud (PMC) with Cisco Intercloud Fabric (ICF). PMC and ICF enable you to securely and seamlessly extend your data center into the cloud.  With access to services like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), you can easily scale IT resources to dynamically augment your organization’s capacity.

Presidio Internet of Things: Transportation Solutions

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Ryan Jordan

Census predictions indicate that more than 70% of our global population will live in a city by the year 2050.  This  “urbanization” trend will lead to congested roads and increased pollution.  Picture this: jammed roadways, virtually zero parking, smog taking over shorelines. The quality of living in these communities will greatly decrease, forcing cities to look for new ways to provide transportation options and smart and efficient roadways before that happens.

Smart and Connected Communities, including vehicles (cars, buses, trains, emergency response, fleet) solutions, will have a direct, positive impact on a city's ability to create new jobs by attracting business and talent.

Closely aligning with our partner Intel, we are delivering solutions in this area from vehicles that move people and freight or emergency response (police, fire and rescue) to smart parking services.  Our IoT solutions for Transportation are well positioned to provide the secure infrastructure and analytics to provide cleaner, safer and more efficient communities.   

The Presidio IoT Transportation and Smart City solutions can help communities achieve many of their goals, including:

Thinking Bigger with Data Center at Presidio Exchange 15

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Raphael Meyerowitz

Presidio Exchange brings together some of the best and brightest engineers in the industry. This year our theme is Think Bigger, and we will definitely be thinking bigger about Data Center technologies. Over 300 Datacenter engineers will be present and we will be hearing from the leading manufacturers in data center technologies, including:

  • EMC
  • VCE
  • VMware
  • Cisco
  • Intel
  • Netapp
  • Red Hat
  • Citrix
  • Microsoft

Presidio believes in life-long learning.

Many of the leading manufacturers will be offering training onsite in tandem with workshops conducted by Presidio's top engineers.  This knowledge share will aid in the development of solid Data Center strategies reflecting our combined experiences and expertise.

Here’s a preview of some of the topics we’re going to dive into:

  • vSphere 6
  • Office 365 best practices
  • Hyper-converged technical deep dives
  • EMC XtremIO roadmap
  • Cisco UCS roadmap
  • Citrix Workspace Cloud delivery
  • Presidio Managed Cloud

Presidio is always working to enable our resources to help our partners and clients Think Bigger as Data Center strategies are evaluated and adopted. I am looking forward to the great progress we’ll make as a team at Exchange 15!