Media & Entertainment Industries

Customer Challenges

Media and entertainment organizations are seeking to increase the value of their media assets by merging creativity with technological breakthroughs. These firms seek to reduce the cost and risk of managing network services delivery, while maintaining the delivery of High Definition, Standard Definition and 3D Content for conventional television viewing in addition to ever-expanding array of mobile devices.

Organizations must be prepared to keep up with the rapidly growing volume of data and store an increasing number of large video files.

Our Solutions

Presidio is able to identify, manage, and deliver end-to-end business and consumer video solutions. Working with partners and customers alike, we develop customized plans to understand and evaluate the impact and value of emerging technologies. Presidio is also able to design customized storage solutions that are highly scalable not only in capacity, but performance as well, eliminating the risk of downtime.

The Presidio portfolio of solutions allows media and entertainment organizations to simplify storage management, quickly adapt to changes, reduce storage costs, increase protection and data recovery, and increase productivity and efficiency.


Utilizing Presidio's core strength in network expertise, our entertainment and broadcast technology solutions allow service providers to maintain sustainable growth and a competitive advantage in the marketplace.