The NASA Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) V government-wide acquisition contract (GWAC) provides for information technology and communication (ITC), audio/visual product solutions, and related product services for all federal agencies.


  • Available to all federal agencies and approved service providers
  • Easiest and fastest ordering procedure using pre-competed contracts.
  • Low prices (generally below GSA schedule prices)
  • Firm fixed price order type with no maximum order limit
  • Lowest surcharge (0.39%)
  • Long track record of providing premier customer service and outreach

Contract Information

SEWP V Contract Number 


Group D / Business Designation:      

Other Than Small                               

Company Name:

 Presidio Networked Solutions, Inc.

Doing Business As:




PPC Code:


Cage Code: 0KD05
DUNS: 15-405-0959
TIN: 58-1667655
Contract Period: May 1, 2015 - Apri 30, 2025 (with option)


Presidio Contacts

Betsy Johnson
Program Manager
Phone:  301-623-1884
Mobile:  410-279-7419

Beth Mingee
Deputy Program Manager
Phone:  301-313-2136

SEWP Team Email:

Order Eligibility

The SEWP V contract is for use by all Federal agencies and approved federal agency support service contractors.

To Obtain a Quote

Contact us directly at or utilize the SEWP on-line Quote Request Tool (QRT) at

Ordering Procedures

Please find the Presidio SEWP Ordering Guide here

The general flow of SEWP Order Process is:

SEWP Program Office Customer Assistance

The NASA SEWP Program Office provides direct assistance to federal customers.

NASA SEWP Helpline: (301) 286-1478

Orders: FAX (301) 286-0317                                                                                  

NASA SEWP Customer Support Center

Fair Opportunity

FAR 16.505(b) (1) provides that each contractor shall be given fair opportunity to be considered for each order exceeding $3,000 and issued under multiple award contracts. The FAR states that the method to obtain fair opportunity is at the discretion of the CO and that the CO must document the rationale for placement and price of each order. Using the SEWP online is the recommended method to assist in this activity and to augment the required decision documentation. The SEWP QRT tool will automatically include the Contract Holders within a selected Group or based on a suggested source.

NOTE: Fair Opportunity to all Contract Holders within one or more SEWP Groups is required. There is no requirement to obtain 3 quotes as long as all Contract Holders within a Group were provided opportunity to provide a quote.

Economy Act

Delivery orders issued against the SEWP contracts are not subject to the Economy Act.

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Commitment to Serving Our Customers

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