Presidio’s Past Performance

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

Presidio continues to provide qualified technical, administrative and managerial support personnel 24 x 7 on-site to assist CBP in providing services in the areas of data management, system security administration and database software support.  The support includes maintaining CBP mission-critical, high availability, high transaction volume databases, which support enterprise wide systems such as border monitoring, passenger manifest, equipment manifest and border security applications.  Additionally, support includes enhancing current database system capabilities and architecting, developing and implementing new database technologies.  Activities also include:

  • Automated Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC) support
  • Planning, management, and implementation of hardware/software upgrades
  • Participate in the National Information Exchange Model, (NEIM) in developing standards
  • Support for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • All aspects of security and maintenance for new and existing CBP systems environments and associated technological refreshment and enhancements
  • Participation in OIT/CBP/DHS collaborative efforts including process improvement efforts, process action teams, tiger teams and/or acting as subject matter experts
  • Monitoring trouble ticket systems and handling work requests
  • Writing and presenting position papers, training materials, technical specifications, policies, standards, plans and procedures, etc. 


US Immigration and Customs Enforcement

Presidio provides program/project management support services that include assuring that project activities and deliverables are accomplished on time, monitoring and tracking the availability of funds authorized for projects, resolving task order level management and programmatic issues, monitoring/ensuring task order performance within budget and schedule, reviewing reports for accuracy and performing trends and performance analysis, monitoring and tracking appropriate approval procedures for ODC authorizations, implementing quality control measures, facilitating/maintaining interaction and coordination between ICE program/project leads and the contractor. This effort continues a long standing Presidio ICE relationship to provide Program Management support since August 1997. 


DHS NAC Emergency Notification System “AtHoc” 

Presidio provided the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with an Emergency Notification System (ENS) at the DHS Nebraska Avenue Complex (NAC), to alert employees in the event of emergencies.  Presidio utilized the AtHoc ENS, required to support Emergency Alerting and Personnel Accountability, for the 3000 employees of the DHS NAC.  Presidio integrated the system with the local Active Directory systems for end user/recipient and organizational hierarchy synchronization.  The ENS consists of the following major components: 

  • Centralized and Highly Available ENS
  • Unified Notification Management
  • Enterprise Multi-unit and Regional / Enterprise Wide Notifications
  • Network Alerting System (NAS) to support 3000 NAC Users
  • Email Alerting – 3000 NAC Users
  • Telephony Alerting System (TAS) to support 3000 NAC Users
  • Public Address (PA) System Integration – One Controller and 18 Speakers
  • On-the-Fly Alert Predictive Analysis
  • Scenarios and Notification Activation
  • Notification Targeting Methods
  • Tracking, Reporting and Archiving
  • End User Information
  • Integration with Personnel Data Sources
  • End User Data Reports
  • Cisco Unified Communications Equipment
  • Land Mobile Radio – 200 Motorola Radios 
  • Seamless Integration with the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR) Personnel Accountability and Assessment System (PAAS)