Presidio Launches New Website - Practical Thinking for a Connected World

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - Mar 5, 2013) - Today Presidio launched a new website to showcase the new Presidio brand that further aligns to changing marketplace demands. The global workforce is becoming more mobile and the expectation of application delivery as a utility is following suit. This macro shift has and will continue to change the way people do business. The Internet of Everything will disrupt industries of all kinds and bring with it new opportunities for Presidio's clients.

At Presidio, we see in this transformation the potential for unlimited possibilities. We also believe that the practical application of technology is key to creating tangible business impact and value today while preparing for tomorrow.

We believe Presidio is well positioned to capitalize on this macro trend, and our new brand "Practical thinking for a connected world" will deliver just that for our clients. We enable our clients to realize greater success through activation of our engagement and implementation methodology, financial resources, national size and scope, and by leveraging deep partnerships with industry leading innovators.

"Our new brand responds to the opportunity of the connected world and expresses our purpose of applying practical thinking to create tangible value for our clients," noted Bob Cagnazzi, Presidio's chief executive officer. "When Presidio does the job, we will apply insight to maximize our clients' capabilities, align technology to resonate with business needs, and provide assurance by making technology as transparent as possible. That is truly practical thinking for a connected world."

"Presidio has always been a leader in our industry," said Cagnazzi. "Now we are a nationwide company that has the ability to leverage our size, and our vast pool of knowledge and resources that our size affords us. We have full lifecycle solutions, using the best available technologies from our strategic partners, for a range of businesses as well as deep specialization into many specific industries. Companies that partner with us can count on our practical thinking to enable them to capitalize on the opportunities brought about by the connected world."

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