Practical Thinking about Cisco’s Latest UCS Announcements

Steve Miller, Solution Architect, Presidio TriState Area
09/04/14 at 07:26 am

In today’s software defined era, workloads, applications, and especially end users are demanding more performance than ever before and instant access regardless of where they are and what device they are using to access it.  With all the focus on software, workloads, applications, hypervisors, and “cloud,” it is easy for people to forget that the software has to run on an infrastructure.  The challenge in today’s world is to do more with less hardware while delivering more compute than ever before.


To meet the challenge, Cisco has evolved the UCS platform over time to include the right mix of technologies, form factors, and manageability.  Cisco continues that trend with the introduction of the 4th Generation UCS Blades, UCS Mini, and M-Series Modular Servers.

UCS Mini

While everyone was being told to consolidate everything into a single, massive datacenter, there were customers with remote offices, branch offices, or departments that couldn’t consolidate their server footprint.  Those customers can now deploy UCS Mini into those environments and still centrally manage those servers while keeping the compute close to the end users who need the performance.  For example, the new smaller UCS form factor allows retail customers to keep their POS in each store while managing it from headquarters.

UCS M-Series Modular Servers

While some customers need to keep things local to their users in remote and branch offices, some customers need to scale their applications using hyperscale architectures.  To address the hyperscale, cloud requirements, UCS M-Series Modular servers let customers manage and deploy servers at scale without sacrificing the value of UCS.

Fourth generation UCS Servers

Delivering the highest performance yet to meet computational demands of the connected world, the new 4th generation servers allow customers to run more virtual machines per blade than ever before and deliver more efficiency per rack unit than ever before.

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