Overcoming the Organizational Challenges of Moving to the Cloud

Johan Milbrink, Sr. Director, Presidio Managed Cloud Services
01/05/15 at 05:48 am

Cloud technology is already changing how many organizations do business.  Flexible computing and storage resources in the cloud give businesses the ability to scale quickly to dynamic and seasonable demand with minimal capital investment.  Similarly, collaboration services enable employees to work together in wholly new ways to achieve higher efficiency and productivity.

For some businesses, one barrier to moving to cloud is the organizational challenges such a transition presents.  Building a hybrid cloud – that is, the blending of private on-premises resources with the public cloud – brings with it a different set of concerns.

For example, cloud shifts the role IT plays.  IT has become less about standing up your own data center and more about brokering services from a multitude of clouds.  This shift requires other shifts, such as how IT must rethink how it allocates financial, technical, and support resources. Moving to cloud also requires a different set of skills centered on cloud delivery (service catalog and user interface design), cloud governance (integrations, security, policy-based orchestration, cost management and optimization) and cloud operations (in-house versus using managed services). 

Change can be good, but only when it drives your business forward. The frank truth is that there is no “one solution fits all” approach to cloud.  Every organization has different priorities and needs. Cloud services that are inflexible can force you to adjust your business workflows to match the service. This can go against your organization’s own best practices, actually reducing your efficiency and profitability.

Ideally, your cloud services are designed to work within the way you already do business.  As importantly, they provide a reliable foundation upon which to extend beyond your existing business practices as your business grows. 

The relevance of cloud to your business has changed tremendously in the past 24 months.  And it will change again as much in the next 24.  These changes yet ahead can be frightening or exciting, depending upon how you embrace them.

Presidio understands that the move to cloud can be challenging.  That’s why we work hand-in-hand with industry leaders like Cisco to create cloud services tailored to match the needs of your business.  Our relationship with you is one of partnership as well, one where you can rely upon our and our partners’ expertise to help you find the best cloud solutions for your organization.

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