The Mobility Cobblers’ Kids have Shoes

Samuel Clements, Mobility Practice Manager, Presidio
07/14/14 at 05:40 am

The proverbial saying of the Cobbler’s Kids is true in the high tech industry. Even here at Presidio, as a nationwide top systems integrator, we find it challenging to carve out the time to implement our own technology in the same way we would comprehensively for a client. Mobility technologies are changing so fast and are so critical to productivity that we recently had to prioritize our own employee experience and standardize on the right tool set.  

Presidio is currently distributing, to all mobility employees, a common set of best of breed tools to enable a consistent delivery experience, companywide. Our clients can expect that as well, regardless of the geographic area they are engaged. The tools used to do a Wireless LAN design and troubleshooting are consistent across any team, in any area. This ultimately enables us to scale to meet any mobility project size by being able to leverage local engineering resources from across the country.

Here is a look at what is in our bag to build the best mobility solution in the market. For Site Surveys, we use Ekahau Site Survey (ESS) for performing pre-deployment design work as well as post-installation design validation. In addition, we are standardizing on survey adapters for a consistent visualization experience. For Spectrum Analysis, we use Chanalyzer from MetaGeek. This enables us to leverage the built in CleanAir technology on Cisco Access Points for extremely high-fidelity spectrum analysis for both upfront RF design as well as post-installation troubleshooting and identification of sources of interference. For mobile troubleshooting without CleanAir Access Points, the Wi-Spy DBx adapter allows for rapid response from our field teams.  For Packet Analysis, we use WildPacket’s OmniPeek. This allows us to perform not only in-air packet captures from multiple wireless adapters to troubleshoot common roaming issues, but to also capture wired traffic when necessary for more in-depth troubleshooting.

This investment by Presidio in our enterprise-wide Mobility practice is enabling almost 70 wireless-focused engineers across the country to provide state of the art solutions. If you want to use the same tools that we use to provide best of breed services, contact us today to discuss our decision process and the technical merits of these tools in detail.