Meet Justin Coleman, Presidio Practical Thinker

My name is Justin Coleman and I am an Inside Sales Representative or ISR within Presidio’s North Region. Presidio gave me my first career opportunity straight out of college and I have been here ever since for the last 10 years. I work with a team of core Account Executives and Engineers and support their business including Managed Services in the greater Boston area.

I love what I do because of the people I work with. The culture, the level of talent and the focus to create value for our clients makes Presidio a unique place to work. Our technical expertise is in my opinion is unmatched in our industry and it is what creates the biggest competitive advantage for our organization. It does not hurt that these are great people as well. This collection of talent enables us to provide comprehensive solutions that make a real difference to our clients. Our size allows us to go deep yet still create broad solutions from Data Center to Collaboration, from Security to Mobility.

To me, “Practical Thinking” is a necessity to be able to do my job effectively. Our organization and individuals are presented numerous challenges to solve on a daily basis. We have to think practically to find the right solutions that will solve problems. Often times technology is pushed for technology sake and people hope that it will someone resolve a business problem. Not at Presidio. If we design and implement something, we know what the business outcome will be and I am proud to be on the team.