Head Injury Association Case Study

When a ransomware attack crippled the non-profit Head Injury Association (HIA), Presidio came to the rescue.

The Head Injury Association (HIA) strives to ensure that traumatic brain injury survivors receive the medical rehabilitation and social services needed to live with dignity within their communities. When a ransomware attack brought their daily in-center and at-home programs for individuals with disabilities to a standstill, they turned to Presidio for help.

The protection and compliance HIA needs going forward.

We determined the root cause of the attack and restored HIA’s data environment in a week, saving them a significant ransomware payment and getting daily operations back to usual. As a custodian of client medical records, the organization also needed help complying with HIPAA security regulations. HIA engaged Presidio to address broader security issues and protect against a future cyberattacks. Using the Presidio Next Generation Risk Management service, we provide ongoing security architecture, compromise assessment, governance risk compliance, threat analytics and incident response. HIA also uses Presidio Managed Security Services to monitor their network, data center and environment 24/7.