Datacenter is Not a Physical Destination

By Andrew Sherman, VP of Advanced Consulting, Presidio
08/21/14 at 05:47 am

"Datacenter is not a physical destination."

I made this statement in early 2013 to a customer who subsequently stared at me like I had a couple of extra heads. This customer had just explained to me that they were in the process of trying to determine whether they should build a new datacenter and relocate their entire enterprise from 30 distinct datacenters to a single physical location. With the emergence of cloud infrastructure, we have become less sensitive to where systems live and breathe, but this can still be disconcerting for folks who like to see blinking lights and are used to paying high HVAC bills.

As an end user, I am more concerned with applications and services, than I am with where that service resides. If I want to book my travel, I want to access my application from whatever device and wherever I’m located. If I want to enter time for accounting purposes, I want to do so seamlessly from wherever I am that day. The location of the equipment that serves the application is irrelevant. The fact that services and applications come from a variety of datacenters is only problematic if that service isn’t available. If the server in Maryland is reliable, I may never know that it is sitting in Maryland even though it might rely on supporting services from Dallas and Boston datacenters.

A decade ago, we witnessed the rise of the server hugger. In the same way, as the cloud market matures, we will uncover the “datacenter-huggers”. Hybrid cloud and software defined buzz continues to push the envelope of what is possible. Every day technologies are announced and enhanced that allow for more and more capabilities that both enable a true ‘virtual datacenter services’ model as well as help to secure these services.

Presidio is well positioned to help you navigate the world of what is possible today with the ever-emerging tools available in the marketplace. Cisco’s release of APIC on July 31st is the latest in an approach to put the applications back in the center of target. However, this is only one piece of an emerging puzzle in IT. Presidio can help you determine how this approach may support your business goals and what possibilities this unlocks. Through Presidio’s Application Agility Workshop, organizations can gain insight into the industry and begin to explore how these trends can positively impact your business. Contact us today to receive more information.