Cisco Intercloud has arrived!

Vinu Thomas, Vice President of Solutions, Presidio
03/27/14 at 12:21 pm

Cisco’s announcement at Partner Summit this week that it is going build the world's largest intercloud is a timely announcement in what has been an exciting time at Presidio.

We are seeing real traction with our Presidio Capacity on Demand economic consumption model, a solution that combines the security and performance of a private cloud with the capacity on demand and costing model of a public cloud. Why did we build this solution and what are our plans to integrate with Cisco Intercloud?

In the simplest terms, public cloud is attractive because of convenience, the ability to acquire IT resources on demand and pay as you use them in a utility fashion. This is why many organizations are finding departments circumventing their own IT to get these services from public cloud providers. Although convenient, this introduces new issues like security, ownership of data and compliance to regulations. There are also performance and vendor lock-in concerns with the public cloud. All this points to a private cloud environment, single tenant and completely controlled by the customer. Yet we cannot ignore the benefits of a public cloud model where you can essentially rent resources for a period of time or to get through that spike in your resource requirements, be it end of quarter processing or resources to support a big event.

This is why clouds are not products you buy, but rather highly customized architectures with the right kind of management.

But what if a company could create the best of both worlds, a public cloud like capacity on demand consumption model on a single tenant private environment that they can manage? What if we were able to analyze consumption rates and create workload pools made of customized configurations built on best of breed technologies and you paid only for what you used in a completely managed environment? Would that be of value? The overwhelming answer has been yes.

And what if we could tie into Cisco powered Cloud providers via a Cisco Intercloud for those spikes in demand yet give you a single pane of glass where you manage both private cloud and also the public cloud offering built on technologies from Cisco, VCE and EMC.

An understanding of your workload patterns as well as current and future needs is vital when choosing between private cloud and public cloud solutions.  At Presidio we strongly believe that a hybrid IT environment is a balance between private and public cloud solutions that meet the client's specific requirements and make sense economically. The missing link has been how to manage workloads that can be seamless moved to the right platform at the right time without compromise. Presidio Managed Cloud and Cisco Intercloud now make that a reality.