Blind Descent Author Drafts Open Letter to Presidio

Brian Dickinson,
08/10/14 at 04:59 pm

Blind Descent author and 7 Summit solo climber extraordinaire, Brian Dickinson, proves that we all can #makeithappen

Several years ago, Presidio connected with a local Cisco engineer, Brian Dickinson, who was trying to complete the 7 Summits and had Everest next on his list.  We helped to sponsor his journey, which quickly turned into a huge story of a harrowing descent once he reached the top.  Brian has since written a book, been interviewed by Anderson Cooper on CNN, and finished the 7 Summits successfully.   Brian is thankful for the support he received during his triumph feat and even thanked Presidio in his book. 

A Little About Brian Dickinson's Story

On May 15, 2011 Brian Dickinson found himself climbing alone above the death zone when his Sherpa, Pasang Temba, fell ill and had to descend to the South Col. A few hours later Brian made a radio call solo from the summit of the highest point in the world and took a few self-portraits before starting his descent. That’s when things turned horribly wrong as Brian’s eyes became severely snow blind. He was alone at 29,035’, blind and had to get down unassisted.  Hand over hand he made his way down the fixed lines running into several challenges such as falling down the south rock step, riding an avalanche and running out of oxygen. With his determined will to survive he lived to tell the story.  

An Open Letter to Presidio by Brian Dickinson


The past 5 years have certainly been life changing! What started as a goal to travel and experience 7 highest peaks of the 7 continents, turned into so much more.  I’ve not only climbed the 7 summits but I’ve also had the opportunity to change lives on so many levels.  I’ve delivered toys to orphanages in 5 of the continents, raised funds for various charities including the AIDS Research Alliance and have had my family travel to 3 of the continents.  Seeing my wife and 2 young children hand toys to orphans was incredibly impactful.  

My experience on Mount Everest in 2011, where I soloed the summit and then went  completely snowblind and had to descend alone has forever changed my life.  I am now a published author and have the privilege of traveling around to tell my story.   It’s not a direction that I could have planned for but I am so blessed to be able to motivate others around the world.

Climbing the highest peaks on the 7 continents is a huge undertaking, but not unlike other goals in life.  I couldn’t climb them in a day or even one of them in a day.  I had to break them into smaller, more achievable chunks.  I developed a plan unique to each mountain including a training regimen, gear selection, team members, timelines and fallback plans.  Things changed along the way but I had to be flexible and willing to adapt.  In the end it was about remaining focused and having persistent faith.

Taking on such an endeavor is impossible without continued support.  My family has  consistently been there for me for emotional support.  And Presidio has been there for moral and financial support. I feel honored to highlight Presidio in my book,  Blind Descent, because they are more than just financial backers for an audacious  goal, they are family.

 I often get asked what I’ll do next.  What I won’t do is try to top what I’ve done as  that’s a recipe for unfulfilling disaster.  What I will do is continue to learn and grow based on past experiences.  I’ve been given a gift of survival and I will continue to tell my story to help motivate others to create goals, accomplish the impossible and live life to it’s fullest!

Thank you Presidio!


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