Ernest Dunn, Director, Secure Networks, Presidio 01/17/2015   ↵ BYOD is a truly a global phenomenon with 9 out of10 of IT departments enabling some form of BYOD.  According to Gartner, half of companies will require BYOD by 2017. Despite these staggering numbers, BYOD is still a topic that is very polarizing... Read More
Kevin Corace, Sr. Solutions Engineer, Presidio 01/17/2015 Over the past several years, there has been some good news for network administrators as the tools they use have transitioned from reactionary to proactive. Gone are the times when tools were only utilized to troubleshoot issues after a user... Read More
Shawn Rahn, VP Systems Engineering, Presidio 01/17/2015 Recently a local school system was looking for a way to introduce new technology into their massive transportation fleet in order to improve the service and security for students and drivers.  The school system covered a large geographic area,... Read More
Tom Gamull, Practice Manager, Workforce Mobility, Presidio 01/17/2015 Students are digital natives that want to keep learning. But they are no longer limited to traditional text books, pencil and paper or in-classroom studies.  Virtual schools are here and they are demanding real-time, active learning, and opportunity... Read More
a VMware sponsored Whitepaper 01/17/2015 Research shows that the bring your own device (BYOD) movement has reached a critical point: a range of studies show that more than half of companies surveyed allow employees to use personally owned devices to access the corporate network. By... Read More