Joe Leonard, Vice President Cyber Security Solutions 02/02/2015 The benefits of moving to cloud are clear to many organizations.  The flexibility and efficiency of cloud enables them to shift resources dynamically to meet changing business needs.  The bottom line is that a company can leverage new technologies... Read More
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By Bill Ferrato , Vice President, Presidio 01/19/2015 “Shadow IT” is a major concern for organizations of all sizes. The term refers to efforts by members within an organization to acquire and manage their own IT resources.  In the early days of networks, this might have involved bringing in an... Read More
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Johan Milbrink, Sr. Director, Presidio Managed Cloud Services 01/17/2015 Cloud technology is already changing how many organizations do business.  Flexible computing and storage resources in the cloud give businesses the ability to scale quickly to dynamic and seasonable demand with minimal capital investment.  Similarly... Read More